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ALL HAIL NG! For giving birth (or at least a space for growth) to those talented people. And of course LOTS of "thank you" to all of them for the amazing music they compose.

NG is forever my home. I kinda conveniently didn't mention why the old gang like Peter, Enzo, Soundchris, Phono, @jacobcadmus (i forgot to mention him, he won NGADM with Soundchris, against me and LSD lol) left NG. I also didn't tag Samulis, despite being the earliest cinematic composer, and was my mentor.

Peter and the old gang left Newgrounds because of Samulis hot-headed decision in NGADM. Peter was a judge and Samulis basically being fucked over Soundchris because his track was not the taste of Sam. Also the little friction between the audio mods and Soundchris, particularly tension with Troisnyx.

LSD, Phono and me was close with them. I was basically left NG, but came back cos I miss this place. Phono has family and LSD has school. Bassfiddlejones, Jacob and me were basically the only folks still around. :(

I intend to stay so I can help the next generation of composers.

Edit fuck how could I forget @Bosa he's basically the god of cinematic on this site.

Thanks man! I'm actually pursuing a new career aside from music (not quitting, just slowing down), and trying to pass off the AIM and NGADM contests to someone who can lead this year, someone who can lead AIM since my life is picking up. Grats to the winners! :D I'm posting a new podcast (with a video version too) episode of Talking Real talking about the new career soon this week hopefully.

Any ideas as to who could properly take over AIM?

3rd place NGADM, not yet first. Also please let's not forget @JessieYun. She's quite the rising star in my mind.

Thanks for the shout out! Always nice to see other NG musicians getting recognition!

I think I remember seeing EvilRaccoon around here. Real cool to see all these people MAKE IT BIG. And shoutout shoutout to all the rising stars list

Thanks friend. It's been a struggling few months, but I'm hoping to get back into the music seat soon. Almost had to sell my music gear... Might still have to, who knows. I'll make an update about it soon. Hope things are well with you. Cheers.

Peter is a legend, really happy to hear he's doing well with his music! The talent pool on NG is really staggering; there are so many great composers and a lot of dark horses that blindside the bigger competitions. Kinda sad that many of them don't upload more often, but I know they're out there putting in work. :)

Congrats on your 1st place campaign, can't wait to see your continuation on the ARMA project.