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Posted by I0TA - 13 days ago

I haven't commented much on other tracks, but I listened to them all on my fav musician's list. One thing most of these tracks lack is feeling. This is a common criticism, but often ignored. People basically made the tracks for the sake of making them, despise their tracks seem complex and very well made. This problem exists in almost everyone in music industry.

Best example of this would be Michael Giacchino, he composed extremely well crafted film scores like The Incredibles and Rouge One. But there is one thing he seriously lacks, memorable work. This is actually an inside joke on VI-Control about Michael Giacchino.

Another composer in contrast to Michael Giacchino, who recently passed away, is Jóhann Jóhannsson. His work is not as fancy as other Hollywood composers, very minimal yet full of emotions. Jóhann Jóhannsson knew his audience and know that they would remember his work since first listening. He used intriguing sound design and sound set to drive into his audience and took them for the ride.

I'm not asking y'all to be either or neither of Jóhann Jóhannsson or Michael Giacchino. You can be none or all. But regardless of what you wish to do, make your work emotional is the most important. Because emotional means memorable.

Here is the challenge: Make your audiences remember your works regardless of theme, genre or style. Have fun!



Posted by I0TA - 3 weeks ago


What's a piano and a tuna? You can tuna piano but not piano a tuna.



Posted by I0TA - 1 month ago

Month ago I made a post on Audio forum shitposting about past history of me on this site as a intellectual property fun police / or simple knew as a class traitor. Truth is I have moved way beyond the scope of IP and outright rejecting it with all the particles in my body. As you've noticed, my music get more "radicalized" the deeper I go into ideology and politics. When I started this account, I thought about writing epic hybrid non-political shit. Now I'm churning out bread music, fash-bashing soundtrack, quoting Marxists and screaming ACAB.

Anyway, but this post isn't about my messy ideology. It is about why the fuck copyright sucks, and why as a musician or an artist of any kind, should outright reject any form of copyright, at all cost. Because it will cost not just your future but everyone in the wild.

I'm gonna keep it short.

Copyright is a form of private properties. All properties divide down to two types, personal and private. Personal is when you use these properties for the needs of your life and your community. Private properties, on the other hand, is to extract labor values from the properties and exploit it accordingly to the holder/owner of that property. Creators are not usually the owner/holder of intellectual properties, they often get ripped from the content creators and sold rights to labels, records, corporations, promoters, publishers. In a nice society none of these garbage would exist, but we're living under neo-feudal early-state fascism society, aka capitalism, therefore your so-called intellectual properties are now lend, stolen and sold to the holder and owner that the system deemed to be rights.

Why your music is personal properties and not private? Art creations in history have never really been leaping outside the circle of entertainment. Entertainment came from enjoyment and meditation of a self, through certain medium needed for the work. Keyword: needs. Music, art, poetry, or any type of entertainment are the forms of needs and therefore it falls under personal properties, or more correctly, personal possessions.

These possessions are meant to be shared, not bought or sold like products. They are not products. Never were. They are part of your soul, translated and imprinted on physical form of things. Expressions are not meant to be traded, it is always meant for sharing.

To enforce copyrights, meaning that you are willing to trade away your soul for pennies, and does your soul worth less than a toothbrush? Moreover, you are using your creations to enforce something that destroying basics of necessity that our lives built around, that is the means of sharing. Mutual aid.

I'm not gonna drive you in circle about some theory, but the formation and foundation of art/music/poetry creations, based on the needs of human to comforting each other through expression, is an example of mutual aid.

Now I'm not gonna deny those who think making money with music or art is rightful to them. We all gotta eat. But there are alternative way to live with your music, without exploitation and extraction of your labor and creation. Once again, I don't think your music worth more or less than a toothbrush, moreover I think your music should be listened and not sold like a throwaway product, but if you wanna equate your latest tracks to a toothbrush, you are more than welcome to.

On the other end, I'm not a fan of mashing up contents. I've seen so many leftist musicians do this shit on daily basis, and only a few got it sound nice and smooth. Mashing up is not remixing, and so many of us seem to think that it is. If you managed to create something nice, go for it. Just like, expand your samples and styles, and not just making chillwave or synthpop everyday. I sample shit too, mostly for percussions cuz you can't get those 808 right. most people don't hardly recognize because I chopped and screwed them until nothing sound like the original. I also sampled original shit like IRs for my Five Elements project that created unique reverb and spaces, smashed a car window for 1312 track, and blew shit up for more IR samples.

Plz don't gulag me, but I gotta say it, the only good leftist musicians who remix great stuff are @EtK, Decomposure and SXH. Another unpopular opinion, Eric Taxxon is overrated.

PS. the latest track's title did really quoted a leftist. lol



Posted by I0TA - 1 month ago

CAFE (Cannabis And Fine Edibles) is a dispensary in Toronto with 4 locations and the fed tried their best to shut it down throughout years. But they still live! On the outside CAFE looks exactly like a hipster cafe bar. But inside it's the fanciest weed store I've been to.

I'm currently going to 3 different dispensaries in town including CAFE, and using MOM. (mail order marijuana) But I'm tired of MOM, due to long shipping time (the MOM I usually use is all the way in BC) and high shipping rate, $10 for BC one, $20 for local express. Also I don't want fed do a CD (controlled delivery, usual stand-in for raid) so I'm gonna go local.

Here's the product. $38 Eu4ia Shatter Bars, 500mg, Sativa, Super Lemon Haze.


Also I made a new track... kinda...


Posted by I0TA - May 16th, 2019

On 2016, the former self of I0TA believed their music sucked, so they reset the timeline and start again, from scratch. Previously, I0ta worked for a game development, Arma 3 Resist, that won first place in Make Arma Not War, and their for short film projects were featured in TIFF and TJFF.

I0ta is known for extreme experimental and symphonic sound design in their work. They always try to push the boundary on every new release. They implemented orchestra arrangement technique with electronic instruments, to design fresh experience for every audience.

I0ta is first an anarcho-musician, second a smashy antifascist and community organizer. Genderqueer, former homeless, tech whiz, with background and experience as both a refugee and an indigenous. All their music on this profile is politically themed toward anarchism, socialism, communism, anti-fascism, anti-capitalism, anti-authority and anti-colonialism. Their motto is shamelessly called, "Two Steps From Hell, of the Left."

100% true blue self-taught. No musical education nor ever able to read a goddamn sheet music. But this I0TA bites.


Terror Nullius




Black Clad Warriors

Gilets Jaunes




Guillotine 2020

Conspiracy Theorem


Heroes In Pajamas

High Tech Low Night

Down The Memory Lane Where The Sun Never Set



Class Struggle

The Extraordinary Liberator


Souls Of The Seas

Middle Of The World

Continuation Of Life


Lucid Circle

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One More Time


I Fight For The Users

Love On A Tangle

Sunset Silicon Sector


Hack The Planet

Blessed is the flame

Final Form


Final Circle Of Humanity

Late Stage Happytalism

Faith In Freedom


Moving On

Together We Walk Alone In The Night

Universal Culture



Gangsta John Brown



We Die Twice

A Walk In High Park

Sounds Of Midnight Between The Towers of Light


Mutual Aid


First The Forest Die Then You Dance



Posted by I0TA - May 12th, 2019

There was vaporwave, there was synthpop and many more. Then it died around 2010. But there was a spark and it came back alive around 2015, I believe thanked to Mr. Robot's unique soundtrack that featured haunting analog synth. Then Stranger Things. Blade Runner 2049. And after that synthwave suddenly became a thing again.

As for me, I started to implement synthwave into my cinematic work around 2015 with my first track, Anarchy In Order.

What about you?


Posted by I0TA - April 27th, 2019



The music contained in this release considered as the author's best works, with most complex structure, composition, arrangement, programming and sound design. You will never find anything similar these works anywhere in the mainstream, as they were crafted with extreme experimentation and creativity. But they do not belonged to the author anymore, as the author released these to the world. Everyone should have their right to share, perform, modify, sample, and own them. Everyone should have the freedom of association to use these works as much as they pleased. As ones always said, fuck any form of intellectual and private property.

ITERATION is a collection of works that documented the author's life journey through exploration of anarchism, with various tendencies and theories. Moreover, the focus of inspirations in these works is to find the reasons between revolution and collapse. The author believe that anarchism might have a chance to be achievable in very short time, however collapse is inevitable. They identify themself as an illegalist insurrectionary nihilist, but that does not matter, what matters is there demonstration and illustration, of anarchism and anarchy.

The author also hope that these works could inspire other musicians to explore, experiment, and expand their creativity without restriction of genres, styles or tools. All of those are social constructs, just like class, race and gender. Never let the authority and hierarchy of society hold down your creation. The author did not have any formal training, no music lesson, neither play any instrument. You have better understanding of music theory than the former creator of these works. Yet no barrier hold nor delay the creation of these works. Be yourselves and let no label stop your creativity.

Public Domain CC0 (For the audio) AND/OR GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE 3.0 (for the entire repository)

Like always, have fun!



Posted by I0TA - April 26th, 2019

As soon as I find a fast wifi hotspot to upload. Stay tuned.



Posted by I0TA - April 19th, 2019





Posted by I0TA - April 18th, 2019

Powerful track. This is the music of the oppressed.