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I0TA's News

Posted by I0TA - 1 day ago

CAFE (Cannabis And Fine Edibles) is a dispensary in Toronto with 4 locations and the fed tried their best to shut it down throughout years. But they still live! On the outside CAFE looks exactly like a hipster cafe bar. But inside it's the fanciest weed store I've been to.

I'm currently going to 3 different dispensaries in town including CAFE, and using MOM. (mail order marijuana) But I'm tired of MOM, due to long shipping time (the MOM I usually use is all the way in BC) and high shipping rate, $10 for BC one, $20 for local express. Also I don't want fed do a CD (controlled delivery, usual stand-in for raid) so I'm gonna go local.

Here's the product. $38 Eu4ia Shatter Bars, 500mg, Sativa, Super Lemon Haze.


Also I made a new track... kinda...


Posted by I0TA - 1 month ago

On 2016, the former self of I0TA believed their music sucked, so they reset the timeline and start again, from scratch. Previously, I0ta worked for a game development, Arma 3 Resist, that won first place in Make Arma Not War, and their for short film projects were featured in TIFF and TJFF.

I0ta is known for extreme experimental and symphonic sound design in their work. They always try to push the boundary on every new release. They implemented orchestra arrangement technique with electronic instruments, to design fresh experience for every audience.

I0ta is first an anarcho-musician, second a smashy antifascist and community organizer. Genderqueer, former homeless, tech whiz, with background and experience as both a refugee and an indigenous. All their music on this profile is politically themed toward anarchism, socialism, communism, anti-fascism, anti-capitalism, anti-authority and anti-colonialism. Their motto is shamelessly called, "Two Steps From Hell, of the Left."

100% true blue self-taught. No musical education nor ever able to read a goddamn sheet music. But this I0TA bites.


Terror Nullius




Black Clad Warriors

Gilets Jaunes




Guillotine 2020

Conspiracy Theorem


Heroes In Pajamas

High Tech Low Night

Down The Memory Lane Where The Sun Never Set



Class Struggle

The Extraordinary Liberator


Souls Of The Seas

Middle Of The World

Continuation Of Life


Lucid Circle

Fly Away

Edge Of Time




One More Time


I Fight For The Users

Love On A Tangle

Sunset Silicon Sector


Hack The Planet

Blessed is the flame

Final Form


Final Circle Of Humanity

Late Stage Happytalism

Faith In Freedom


Moving On

Together We Walk Alone In The Night

Universal Culture



Gangsta John Brown



We Die Twice

A Walk In High Park

Sounds Of Midnight Between The Towers of Light


Mutual Aid


First The Forest Die Then You Dance



Posted by I0TA - May 12th, 2019

There was vaporwave, there was synthpop and many more. Then it died around 2010. But there was a spark and it came back alive around 2015, I believe thanked to Mr. Robot's unique soundtrack that featured haunting analog synth. Then Stranger Things. Blade Runner 2049. And after that synthwave suddenly became a thing again.

As for me, I started to implement synthwave into my cinematic work around 2015 with my first track, Anarchy In Order.

What about you?


Posted by I0TA - April 27th, 2019



The music contained in this release considered as the author's best works, with most complex structure, composition, arrangement, programming and sound design. You will never find anything similar these works anywhere in the mainstream, as they were crafted with extreme experimentation and creativity. But they do not belonged to the author anymore, as the author released these to the world. Everyone should have their right to share, perform, modify, sample, and own them. Everyone should have the freedom of association to use these works as much as they pleased. As ones always said, fuck any form of intellectual and private property.

ITERATION is a collection of works that documented the author's life journey through exploration of anarchism, with various tendencies and theories. Moreover, the focus of inspirations in these works is to find the reasons between revolution and collapse. The author believe that anarchism might have a chance to be achievable in very short time, however collapse is inevitable. They identify themself as an illegalist insurrectionary nihilist, but that does not matter, what matters is there demonstration and illustration, of anarchism and anarchy.

The author also hope that these works could inspire other musicians to explore, experiment, and expand their creativity without restriction of genres, styles or tools. All of those are social constructs, just like class, race and gender. Never let the authority and hierarchy of society hold down your creation. The author did not have any formal training, no music lesson, neither play any instrument. You have better understanding of music theory than the former creator of these works. Yet no barrier hold nor delay the creation of these works. Be yourselves and let no label stop your creativity.

Public Domain CC0 (For the audio) AND/OR GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE 3.0 (for the entire repository)

Like always, have fun!



Posted by I0TA - April 26th, 2019

As soon as I find a fast wifi hotspot to upload. Stay tuned.



Posted by I0TA - April 19th, 2019





Posted by I0TA - April 18th, 2019

Powerful track. This is the music of the oppressed.


Posted by I0TA - April 16th, 2019

Since every musician on this community have an About Me page. I'm gonna make one. Not really. Fuck your introductory page. They make no sense and y'all too ashamed to feature your latest work, you just wanna post your "best track" made like 2 years ago cos yo ass was too lazy to develop new styles and techniques.

About this loser called I0TA. You might know me through the funky project of Make Arma Not War, 1st Place, Resist. I don't need a fucktons of projects on my "bio" to prove that I'm a heavy hitter. I AM a heavy hitter. I only need one project. And I fucking aced it.


That's all for this "about me", check out my music, y'all!

ACAB and Fuck the system. In sol.



Posted by I0TA - April 10th, 2019

John Cage was one of the most famous contemporary composer, well known for his archaic and creative composition. But he was also one of the least known anarchist, Cage turned to anarchism after asking his friend and Spanish artist, Esther Ferrer, what is anarchism. Ferrer participated in Spanish Civil War and is one of Spain most prominent artist.


Art by Clifford Harper, UK anarchist and illustrator

Querido John,
Here are some quick thoughts to respond to your question as to the future of anarchism,
- For me, anarchism shall always have a future, and a present, for the basic reason that I associate it with creativity. Please, I don't mean art, which is something else, much more limited. I am talking about creativity in the sense that it comes from rejoicing, from pleasure and it serves first of all the person who practices it, without paying attention to the consequences and without feeling obligations to anyone else. There is no "master" except oneself.
Anarchy, like creativity, is thus a completely gratuitous choice, which engages only yourself and which you decided to practice; one could well define anarchy as a practice of liberty, first individual and then social. One can practice it alone, even if others are not at all interested. That is often the case, when one speaks of anarchism, others laugh or mistrust the idea, but that does not take away from one's own joy. This is to say that anarchistic thought is something out of time, even without time, and I would even dare to say that it is something anchored in human nature (there are other things anchored in human nature also, unfortunately) and like creativity, individualistic and individualized. This is the source of its attractiveness, and of its enormous risk, which in my opinion, makes it all the more attractive.
As a result, John, I think that in periods of "desánimo" of "desesperanza", as today, when there is not, or seems not to be, any messianic hope to stuff our heads with, when the hopes have turned out to be largely inoperative, there is a return to essential things, and the essential things are never far away, because WE CAN FIND THEM IN OURSELVES, without needing recourse to ideologists and master thinkers, without needing to think outside of ourselves. Our liberty is only limited by the characteristics of our species in the most physical sense, and by the personal decision to employ liberty intelligently, that is, to consider others as beings who practice liberty too.
Anarchy is quite simply a problem of assuming individual responsibility. It is the idea that each person conceive of himself as a thinking being, capable of making his life decisions without delegating his decision making capacities to someone else, whether it be a god, a king, a state, a party, an ingenious artist, a master of thought, a leader, a mother or a father. Now, to be more specific, for me, John, anarchy really does have the future that people are talking about, and for a reason much more concrete than the one, fundamental for me, which I spoke about before, that is, creative conduct, as opposed to subordinate conduct, and positive individualism:
In these times, which flow in a behavioral "grisaille", it is no doubt attractive to follow a way of thinking that does not demand anything, that simply proposes the possibility that you have the courage to assume the decision and the consequences of your own acts, without protecting yourself in the imperatives of an ideology, a religion, or an authority, which convert you into an irresponsible person, first in regard to yourself, and then in regard to society.
In view of the unworkability of all the doctrines that claim to liberate humanity, such as capitalism, Marxism, or authoritative socialism, the big loser of all the revolutions (Soviet, without forgetting Kronstadt, Spanish, etc.), that is, anarchism, seems for many to be once again a possibility. (As the Basque sculptor Jorge Oteiza, used to say to me: "From failure to failure right up to the final victory"). Of course, that this possibility could become another fashion, another fad, is a new risk that anarchists must assume.
Why is anarchy a possibility? Because we begin to understand that we have delegated too much, believed too much in the daddy state, which protects us, and gives us such security (or the delusion of it) and puts us to sleep (in the best cases) or which exploits us (in the worst, and unfortunately more frequent cases). The daddy state also puts to sleep our capacity to think, to revolt, to manage our lives, because it promises everything and gives us practically nothing. Maybe it is easier, and even more comfortable, to delegate than to think.
Anarchism, in the face of all the other doctrines and ideologies, is a marvelous exception. IT PROMISES NOTHING! Wow! What joy! It gives us no model of pleasure to follow, to go for. It gives us no paradise, neither an artificial one nor a real one nor a proletarian one, at the end of an authoritative road. This is because, among other things, there is no road. Machado, a Spanish poet, exiled by the forces of General Franco, and who died in exile, has written: "caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar" ("Walker, there is no road, the road is made by walking").
So, from this struggle against the state, which does not mean the conquest of power, but rather its dispersion, anarchy struggles against the patriarchal family, of which the state is only one manifestation, (even if anarchist writing, with rare exceptions, make no reference to women, and even if, in their individual behavior, some of the great anarchist theoreticians were misogynist and authoritative). The term "patriarchal" really means any hierarchical pyramidal structure, in which the summit is occupied by a supreme authority traditionally masculine. Given that one of the goals of feminism is to decompose the patriarchal family (and not, if you please, to replace it by a matriarchal authority) in this sense the various feminist movements, can stimulate and actualize--thanks to women anarchists--some anarchistic ideas.
These ideas, John, at bottom, are simply natural creations of free thought, capable of generating someday, a fraternity and solidarity, conflictive, I hope (anarchy does not fear contradictions, she is submerged in them), but capable of inventing imaginative and joyful solutions. 



Posted by I0TA - March 25th, 2019

Today, March 25, is the 108th anniversary of Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire that murdered 147 garment workers during a strike, mostly who were Jewish, Slavic and Italian immigrants from Prussia. The massacre was caused by the pigs Max Blanck and Isaac Harris, who locked the fire exit doors and set the building on fire to suppress the strike. The Triangle Fire was one of the very long list of struggle for the working class. Rest in power.

Fire in my mouth is an oratorio written by Julia Wolfe. Arguably it's the first-ever mainstream orchestra project that finally representing the working class. The classical scene is known for its extreme toxic reactionary with privileged cum bags, with exception like John Cage, but finally in times it opened to the proletariat.