From an admirer of Phonometrologist

2017-10-22 16:58:24 by I0TA

Phonometrologist is a interesting person. Every word he spoke is thoughtful or deep. Dude is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. But his music is what gets me even more. Like, he improves hugely in every track he churned out. How the fuck A City Not Forsaken did not win in NGADM is something still quizzed me til this day. And Willow Wasteland: Fantasia is basically something out of this world. Triumphal Entry and Mayya Malyshka are the stuff you only hear by top producer in film score.

Yeah, check out his stuff. They are stuff will change your view on music.


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2017-10-26 08:02:12

"A City Not Forsaken" did not win, because of bad timing: I was pitted against a kick ass song "Battle Born."

You honor me greatly. Thank you friend.

I0TA responds:

Dude you track should have won. It's so much better in term of production, composition, arrangement and structure. Plus it's more unique. The judges were being biased. There are so many things amazing from A City Not Forsaken. I swear we don't get these types of creativity a lot on NG, especially lately. I miss the old crews of Peter and Soundchris. Like you, they are those who can produce the most breathtaking works that very few on here (not even me) could do. And that's the treasure we should cherish not pushing them away.

There are two types of musician, the one who makes music, and the one who defines music. You guys are the latter :).