Music of Cuphead

2017-10-16 22:07:25 by I0TA

The music is eargasm. Jazz... man...


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2017-10-17 01:44:19

There's a ridiculous amount of effort put into that game. All the animation is done on paper too.
Also little side thing: I know someone who went to the same university as one of the animators!

I0TA responds:

That's awesome. Lucky for your friend ;). I was amazed at the quality of the game, was more surprised and amazed when learned about the production team only had like a handful of devs, including the brothers who created the game. They are planning to do a trilogy! I'm gonna buy the shit out of the sequels.


2017-10-17 06:17:45

Every time I listen to this kind of music It reminds me of Perez Prado.
Have you listened to it ? you may enjoy it :

I0TA responds:

Thumbs up for PĂ©rez Prado (I personally love "Mambo No 5", those brass man)! The man pioneered mambo and had very unique music style. :D