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Another dead end

2017-09-02 22:38:55 by I0TA

Sometime you say, shit happens. I say, fuck my life. Do I deserve this life? I really don't know.

As of last week, my own sister was arrested for fighting with her husband. She was charged with domestic assault and currently in jail. I spent the last few days trying to help her with lawyer. The fine was $20000. I put $10000 to help plus $5000 for lawyer. I thought shit was out of luck would end. Then I got into a car accident 2 weeks before, my leg was twisted and I woke up in hospital. I lost my job not long after that, they decided to fire me then. I was due to be fired months ago, after I fucked up some work. Now I'm working as a tech support for a community college.

My leg is still busted up and I have to wear protection so I won't twist my leg while walking. Veteran affair don't want nothing to do with my situation, though I'm still getting little payment. My old car is fucked in currently in the junkyard. I used all my saving to buy a used Ford C-Max model 2007, for $10000. That's all I can get atm. Car is pretty comfy.

I'll be sleeping in a car. Again. I won't be paying rent and will sell all my unnecessary stuff in a garage sales. I won't have anything left. My rent is already overdue for nearly a week, and I'm going to be evicted. I'm listing all my options atm, from homeless shelter to couch surfing on those allow me to.

I'll still try to produce music sometime. From my car obviously, and coffee shop or McD.

That's the end of me. Another dead end.


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2017-09-02 23:02:37

That's terrible news. :(
If you need anything let me know. Remember you have friends here to help you in this difficult time.


2017-09-03 06:08:27

Really sorry this is happening to you, man. i really don't know how to solve any of these issues nor am i sure of what advice to give that might help, but i'd say be patient, see what you can do to make a dollar or two and be positive, and things will be fine, i know, things seem like awful shit right now but trust me, things will get better and everything will be fine again, we've all been there before, some of us have had it so much worse while some of us had it slightly less worse, but in the end, we all walk out of these situations just fine and things start to change for the better.

After all, it's your choice whether you want to stop at this dead end and let it affect you more or not, and clearly if you're doing something other than go homeless on the streets with no where to stay at all, not even a car, and let this dead end "end you" then that means that you don't want to stop here or end it here, you want to keep going, and that's great and you should definitely keep doing that. you've told me this a million time, man, stay strong, keep fighting, everything will be alright in the end. and good luck.

If you wanna talk about this some more then PM me.


2017-09-03 14:52:48

Sad news indeed. :( I do hope things pick up for you, I even hope that members in projects will get notice one way or another and things work out. I can't say I've been in you shoes, but I feel your struggle. I pray things will get better for you.
Also I agree with @TheOverGhoul.


2017-09-04 00:59:41

That's really terrible... I can only hope that this is just a bad twist and not actually a dead end, and wish you good luck and faith in yourself. I know you are really talented and strong person and I'm sure you'll find a way out of it and everything will be alright.


2017-09-07 06:04:20

hey, 20k fine sounds ridiculous, and probably the state takes all the money and not her husband, lol. Sounds ridiculous, idk if I would have helped that much but I don't know the whole situation... You don't have to help everyone everytime, just saying.. I know you are a good person. You do not have to go out of your way to prove a point every time.

If I were you I'd not waste money to buy any car, I would keep paying the rent. I lived without a car for all my life. Feels pleb-tier to take a bus but is fine, saves the money... I'd go back and sell the Ford If I were you. Feels like you are somewhat romantic about the homeless stuff and you are fucking yourself over.

It sucks to be on a downward spiral, try to get out of it, spend some time and yourself and try to relax. Stay calm and safe man.