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Cinematic Composer's Budget Starter Pack

2017-08-28 22:25:51 by I0TA

Not everybody can drop cash on big libraries with massive orchestra. We all start somewhere. Same for me.

I have used many of these instruments and softwares, that they are capable of first hand's cinematic experience for any beginning composers. If you need demos I can show you where they were used in my music.

I thought of creating this post ever since Ectisity won this year AIM. He proves that people can start out with literally nothing and still best at the game.


Ardour, Tracktion, MuseScore 

Renoise $75


VSCO Community


Blackattackbitch's Collection of SF2

Virtual Playing Orchestra


VS Upright

Kontakt Player Factory Selection

And this list

VirHarmonic Freebie Cello and Violin (UVI workstation [Free])

I would like to say for a solid orchestra library with fully equiped instruments of all kinds, including choir, that is ProjectSam Orchestra Essentials 2 $329. Or lightweight orchestra + choir, Sonuscore The Orchestra $375. Or Spitfire Masse, $349. Or minus the choir but with solo brass and winds, NI Symphony Essentials $399. Or EW Symphony Orchestra Silver for $199.

These are high quality and most economic orchestra library. I'd recommend one of the first two if you need full patteles of instruments. Symphony Essentials for the full sets. Masse for instant scoring. And EW SO for tight budget.



SampleTank CustomShop

Reaktor Player



UVI Workstation



Sonigen Modular


Tunefish 4


Ambius Prime $149

EDNA Earth $169

KVRaudio list

Hybrid Percussion

Cinematic Thunder Epic Orchestral Toms $97

Cybord $189

DM-307 $299

Altthough all of the libraries listed above are available in Kontakt Player, I'd recommend you to get full Kontakt version. It will allow you to use many free and high quality instruments.

Please leave your question below or just comment.

Have a good day.


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2017-08-29 01:46:49

That is a very meepy list. ^_^ Thanks for sharing! I'll give a click to those that I don't already know.

I0TA responds:

You are welcome, Trois. :)


2017-08-29 06:30:16

Very nice list, thank you! :D

I0TA responds:

No problem!!


2017-08-29 13:29:51

10/10 I have no idea what any of this means!

In all seriousness though, that's a pretty nice list, pretty sure it'll be pretty helpful to anyone looking for some good instruments but can't find anything but stuff that costs 999.99$ or something.
Thanks for sharing!

I0TA responds:

You are welcome! :D


2017-09-02 22:41:19

Only saw this now. Really cool list, dude!