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well fuck

2017-08-25 21:18:13 by I0TA

I got nowhere to go. Soundcloud is shit. ReverbNation is shit. So is Myspace and Reddit. VI-Control is too pro for me.

After a month of looking at every option I had, Newgrounds suddenly feel better.

I hope you won't punch in my face for being a world's worst douche bag raged quit this place, then come back begging for it.

bet EDM (or whatever his name is now) had the last laugh...

I REALLY got nowhere to go. Sniff...


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2017-08-25 21:45:18

We all had this problem at least once. I wanted to quit Newgrounds because of criticism, then came back after many people wanted me to stay. Don't call yourself a douche bag, that's a little too strong to call yourself :)

I0TA responds:

hey cheers, thanks for your words. :)


2017-08-25 22:57:32

lol MYSPACE?? you must have been looking really hard XD

welcome back. I've repeatedly maintained that NewGrounds is the best large-scale (if you can call it that) site to upload audio for amateur musicians, if you're willing to interact with the community one way or another.

I0TA responds:

Yeah NG is best at that for a long time. No site could beat this place.

how has it been for you lately?


2017-08-26 04:57:25

It is good to have you back, meep!

I0TA responds:

thanks trois. :)


2017-08-26 05:38:11

Well, don't beat yourself up too much, we all do it. But yeah, unless you put a loooooooooooooooot of effort into it, the soundcloud community is shit since they got rid of groups. and you have to look for groups that aren't going to fuck you over with your own rights. This hasn't happened to mee yet, but collabs lead to problems. I'm always down for a collab, but it never pans out anymore because I just get super paranoid over the amount of work I did do vs what I didn't. Newgrounds is super amazing to be apart of, and soundcloud's community is going to be a little cold shoulder, but pretty much have the same outcome of reality. But all of us musicians are a dime a dozen, we're broke because not very many people even listen to anything but radio and maybe buy that one album they really like. They're not crazy like me and go and try to find everything to listen to.

I0TA responds:

SC is the shitty option that doesn't work except stupid bots followed you once a while then get deleted.


2017-08-26 06:09:51

Everyone goes through ups and downs, and everyone makes decisions that happen to be not so right. It's good that this particular decision is not irrevertable. I'm really happy to see (and hear) you here again.

I0TA responds:

Thank bro :). nice to see you too!


2017-08-26 07:45:49


I0TA responds:

hey there!


2017-08-26 08:38:10

which is persona is back now

I0TA responds:

none, it's me and just me. i don't play persona anymore.


2017-08-26 11:46:55

Welcome back bruh

I0TA responds:

thanks TheOverGhoul. how's your game sales going?


2017-08-26 12:01:03

It's good to have other outlets, but NG will be your number one home. ;)
Wow Myspace! That site still going?

I0TA responds:

Thanks bro, nice to see you.

yeah myspace is still around, it couldn't die gracefully.


2017-08-26 12:15:23

Dropped that project, because it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, now i'm doing something else. i'll PM you more about it.

I0TA responds:

Aww :( it was so good though


2017-08-26 20:23:12

Newgrounds is a pretty simple community for amateurs. We give each other criticism, and we might have our work shared in a game or cartoon which is nice. You could even collect an army of followers that are like minded on NG. Those other websites have those weird politics anyways. You're a good artist SnowTeddy, it's a pleasure to listen to your jams and we're glad you've come back.

I0TA responds:

Thanks man, :). i have been here like forever and i can't go elsewhere. i'm emotionally attached to this place. NG is my home.


2017-08-26 20:34:28

It's so easy to get the community together on newgrounds... there is forums, there is news posts, there is all types of ways to get civilians to listen to your music. I barely get musicians in my door on soundcloud, but that's usually whose liking my music. is a good example of what you'll find on soundcloud nowdays because they took groups away. Groups allowed people only to repost music. Nothing else has aspired for communication, and they're in debt all the time, so it really isn't easy to give that bandwidth to a system like that. NG has been around for a lot longer, and their expansion to games and movies, not just art and music, let's civilians get a whole array of fun. I only get like 1:100 civilians per musicians on soundcloud. :C That's why I moved over here though, because it is easier to get connected, and organized.

I0TA responds:

yeah soundcloud is just so limited. the features and limit of upload. on NG you can upload as many as you like, only limited to 4 uploads per day.

you said it best, NG is accessible to so many people.