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i've never worked on so many music projects this time

2017-07-03 19:33:53 by I0TA

NGADM, NGUAC, Chips Compo, little unfinished side projects... and the goddamn day job where i had to pull off 9-10 hours a day sitting the office.

but it's worth doing everything.


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2017-07-04 16:04:47

SnowTeddy for president!

I0TA responds:

nobody for president!


2017-07-05 07:32:25

How's your job going?

(Updated ) I0TA responds:

tired. worked 9 hours straight today. i wish i could take a break but no excuse since I already got Monday off.


2017-07-06 13:58:12

can u tell us more about ur job? Or is it secretive/depressive?

I0TA responds:

Typical sysadmin job, nothing big, except that time management got hit with Wannacry.

I'm not so excited to resolve user's problem, although they are less annoying than other corporate places.

In short, I work in an IOC.