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Rest in power, Grenfell victims

2017-06-16 23:00:39 by I0TA

100 people was killed in a massive fire at Grenfell Tower, Kensington, West London. Over 75 people was injured and hundreds are now being homeless. The victims of Grenfell fire were murdered by the system. The same system that promised them security, comfort and safe life. But it's not the case here. Grenfell victims were massacred by capitalism. And it gets worse because they were/are immigrants, refugees, expats, the poor and people of color. Not to place the race card, but I need to address it here, if they were whites, there won't be this tragedy.


The morbid and disgusting things here, thus murdered by capitalists:

Tenants raised concern about potential fire hazard in the building month before.

30 people were murdered because the flammable materials were cheaper, only by £5000.

Tories and Theresa May voted against safety reform because it's not profitable for their pockets.

May with her 'radical reform' to cut 10,000 firefighter jobs prior to the tragedy.

The only building without sprinklers.

Tories closed 3 fire stations near Grenfell prior to fire.


Childrens were screaming for help, trapped in the building and burned alive.

23 years old civil engineering student, survived the Syrian war, only ended up here and told his family back home "Fire's Here Now, Goodbye"

Residents ran to the top of the building and signalled for help hopelessly, but nobody came.

3 yeards old baby was thrown from 10th floor to escape fire. Baby survived, the parents did not.

May avoided to meet the survivors, while Corbyn embraced them.

A college student volunteered to help the victims from 2 in the morning to 8, then went to his exam and aced it.

Hans Zimmer donated his London concert money proceed to Grenfell victims.


Fascist scums harassing Muslim volunteers who helping victims of Grenfell.


Rest In Power, men, women and children of Grenfell.


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2017-06-17 06:00:41

The death toll is now 70. Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine.

There was a MOBO winning artist who said something very powerful, that the Grenfell victims died because they were poor. I forget the name of the person who said it, but what he said sticks with me. When people cut corners so they can be rich, when people think they can skirt around issues like this...

I0TA responds:

30 confirmed dead and 70 still missing. which means it's 100 people killed. worst massacre in modern UK history.

aluminum cladding were being pulled from refurbishing company because of high costs, plus they used flammable materials on the maintaining. Kensington is one of the poorest wards in UK, not only in London.

this is the crime of humanity.

i wasn't a fan of Adele, but I learned that she was one of the first rushed to the scene to help and comfort the survivors. It's something that May would never have the guts to do.


2017-06-17 07:45:35

Manchester, London Bridge, Grenfell...

In less than a month, all the Tory cuts have bubbled to the surface in the ugliest of fashions, a horrifically fatal one.

The government have people's blood on their hands.

May must go.

I0TA responds:

People are pissed and they are occupying the street. May fled from the Town Hall after protesters and survivors of Grenfell stormed it. McDonnell is calling for full out uprising. This is going to be huge. If not for revolution, at least some sort of movement could change the course of history in UK.


2017-06-17 09:08:43

I could have sworn I heard on the BBC that the death toll was 70. Anyway...
@ChazDude May must go, for more reasons than one. I vowed this back in the days when she was Home Secretary. I have not forgotten...

I0TA responds:

they said the death toll will continue to rise because firefighters still trying to get to the top as they only worked through half of the building.


2017-06-17 23:10:46

Rest in power, and i hope May and the Tory get a strong and stable punch to knock her out of her office. Sure, disaster can still strike at any possible time, but it could be prevented to a certain extent, but with all of these cuts on the police and everything that's nearly impossible.
Honestly, the people of the UK really need to tell her that enough is enough already.

I0TA responds:

In this world it's a crime to be poor. We are a liability in the way of capitalist's profit. Nothing more, nothing less.


2017-06-18 03:05:10

If even the Queen can cast her crown aside to go and visit the victims unprovoked, something that May didn't have the guts to do... you know something's seriously wrong with May.

The writing has to be on the wall at this point.

I0TA responds:

There was a video that during the Queen's visit there was a woman screaming in vain because she lost her 5 years old in the evacuation. It was the most morbid thing ever. I'm glad the Queen did what she could. May is a fucking disgrace.