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Copyright is spook - And why you should reject it

Posted by I0TA - 1 month ago

Month ago I made a post on Audio forum shitposting about past history of me on this site as a intellectual property fun police / or simple knew as a class traitor. Truth is I have moved way beyond the scope of IP and outright rejecting it with all the particles in my body. As you've noticed, my music get more "radicalized" the deeper I go into ideology and politics. When I started this account, I thought about writing epic hybrid non-political shit. Now I'm churning out bread music, fash-bashing soundtrack, quoting Marxists and screaming ACAB.

Anyway, but this post isn't about my messy ideology. It is about why the fuck copyright sucks, and why as a musician or an artist of any kind, should outright reject any form of copyright, at all cost. Because it will cost not just your future but everyone in the wild.

I'm gonna keep it short.

Copyright is a form of private properties. All properties divide down to two types, personal and private. Personal is when you use these properties for the needs of your life and your community. Private properties, on the other hand, is to extract labor values from the properties and exploit it accordingly to the holder/owner of that property. Creators are not usually the owner/holder of intellectual properties, they often get ripped from the content creators and sold rights to labels, records, corporations, promoters, publishers. In a nice society none of these garbage would exist, but we're living under neo-feudal early-state fascism society, aka capitalism, therefore your so-called intellectual properties are now lend, stolen and sold to the holder and owner that the system deemed to be rights.

Why your music is personal properties and not private? Art creations in history have never really been leaping outside the circle of entertainment. Entertainment came from enjoyment and meditation of a self, through certain medium needed for the work. Keyword: needs. Music, art, poetry, or any type of entertainment are the forms of needs and therefore it falls under personal properties, or more correctly, personal possessions.

These possessions are meant to be shared, not bought or sold like products. They are not products. Never were. They are part of your soul, translated and imprinted on physical form of things. Expressions are not meant to be traded, it is always meant for sharing.

To enforce copyrights, meaning that you are willing to trade away your soul for pennies, and does your soul worth less than a toothbrush? Moreover, you are using your creations to enforce something that destroying basics of necessity that our lives built around, that is the means of sharing. Mutual aid.

I'm not gonna drive you in circle about some theory, but the formation and foundation of art/music/poetry creations, based on the needs of human to comforting each other through expression, is an example of mutual aid.

Now I'm not gonna deny those who think making money with music or art is rightful to them. We all gotta eat. But there are alternative way to live with your music, without exploitation and extraction of your labor and creation. Once again, I don't think your music worth more or less than a toothbrush, moreover I think your music should be listened and not sold like a throwaway product, but if you wanna equate your latest tracks to a toothbrush, you are more than welcome to.

On the other end, I'm not a fan of mashing up contents. I've seen so many leftist musicians do this shit on daily basis, and only a few got it sound nice and smooth. Mashing up is not remixing, and so many of us seem to think that it is. If you managed to create something nice, go for it. Just like, expand your samples and styles, and not just making chillwave or synthpop everyday. I sample shit too, mostly for percussions cuz you can't get those 808 right. most people don't hardly recognize because I chopped and screwed them until nothing sound like the original. I also sampled original shit like IRs for my Five Elements project that created unique reverb and spaces, smashed a car window for 1312 track, and blew shit up for more IR samples.

Plz don't gulag me, but I gotta say it, the only good leftist musicians who remix great stuff are @EtK, Decomposure and SXH. Another unpopular opinion, Eric Taxxon is overrated.

PS. the latest track's title did really quoted a leftist. lol



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Well thanks for the kind word and I completely agree, Intellectual property shouldn't be a thing and is a capitalist concept.