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The (Mis)Portrayal of Anarchists in Media

Posted by I0TA - March 3rd, 2019

As a soul sucker and lumpen anarchist who constantly needed to remind the world that "anarchy" isn't all about broken Sbux windows, it seems to be a pointless attempt to do so, particularly when the media doing the opposite job to either exaggerate or dehumanize us. At this point it's kind of funny to even talk about it. So here is a list of the media that either made us look like antifa supersoldier or something funny. Also include some socialist examples, cuz when SHTF they're less likely to shoot us in the back... or are they?


Apostle & Syndicate (Mission: Impossible - Fallout) - This is the best/worst portray of anarchists so far. Bond-level villains with super spy gadgets and MMA techniques, one who later get snuffed by a hook. It's rather fun to see that we either get upgraded, or dehumanized to this level, depend on how you view it. Anyway, if Solomon Lane truly wanted to kill Ethan Hunt, he can accomplished that with only a tire iron at the beginning of the movie. Then you can go and infect the world with smallpox and radiation.

Black November (Mirror Edge: Catalyst) - Right off the bat, the game portrayed them as renegade that so extreme, even Faith felt they were enemy. Don't get me wrong, I love this game cuz mainly the cyberpunk and parkour (my former fav sport), but ME:C is just another goddamn liberal piece of work when comes to plot. In fact, the plot is shallow as fuck. Faith is a centrist, the setting is in Cascadia Prime, pretty much a right-libertarian/ancap utopic dystopia, and Kruger is fascist. The kick here is that Faith and her goons don't really want to topple the system, they just want "changes", exactly like IRL liberals (and conservatives, except they are liberals, too)


The black bloc (Battle in Seattle) - the worst riot movie in history of mankind somewhat portrayed anarchists somewhat right in our natural habitat. But that copaganda is puking material.

Anarchists with various tendencies (Anakiseuteu) - A Korean movie about anarchists trying to establish nationalism? Seems like a rip-off of Shinmin.

The Punks (Suburbia) - Anarchy isn't all about piercings and punk music


Sorry To Bother You - The movie is literally a surreal art about unionizing, class war, EVERYTHING. It's a masterpiece.

V (V for Vendetta) - I mean the comic, movie is trash. V is an individual anarchist, egoist and nihilist. Stirner is proud.

Namgoong & Yona (Snowpiercer) - Boong Joon Ho is a socialist himself and making this movie is pretty much his version of "coming out" lol. Snowpiercer doesn't label anything, however the metaphors are so transparent, that even the most naive liberal would sense that the movie is shit talking about them. Moreover, the two protagonists are anti-civilization anarchists, and Capt America is the tankie. The whole movie is an anti-civ anarchy criticism of our society. No movie has portrayed class warfare better than Snowpiercer, not even Sorry To Bother You (it's the difficult choice)

ALF (Okja) - Joon Ho third movie following up to Snowpiercer, is another one about anarchism. This time featuring Animal Liberation Front, an IRL active anarchist group that were branded by Western capitalists as one of the most dangerous domestic "terror" group. Feel good to be finally represented.

CNT-FAI (Land and Freedom) - Obviously

F Society (Mr. Robot) - It's a bit nifty including F Society here, but the first episode is relevant. Yes the first season makes sense, the rest don't.

As always. Fuck the system and ACAB.