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We all started from somewhere

Posted by I0TA - February 21st, 2019

I recently had the nostalgic feeling for old school music, especially demoscene stuff. And I went back to check out all the famed people who once active in the scene. And I came across this. This is the xm if anyone was wondering. It was made be no other than that Thomas Bergersen. Yes, that guy. I'm familiar with his module files and his history in the scene, as a demoscener myself, but I was surprised that he did intelligent DnB. Most of his old tracks were techno, and this was the one stood out the most. His recent stuff were pop and techno, how ironic, I guess he missed the scene.

Move on to other artists, where they are now, particularly the people I admire... Wave is still wave. Necros is still famous. Rajunen is still on NG but not active anymore. Jesper Kyd is a full blown composer who's known for Assassin Creed, Hitman and Borderland. Scorpik did Witcher series. Purple Motion is now an orchestrator. Skaven does music for Trine series. Blaizer works for DICE, like the rest of The Silents. Gopher just disappeared. Croaker did Angry Bird, and music by Djartz and also disappeared. TDK doesn't seem to surface anymore, he has an account on NG. Tempest still hasn't got his lawsuit money back from the thief Timbaland.

The other who weren't directly from the scene but known sometime in the tracker scene are: Darude, Aphex Twin, Infected Mushroom, Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5, Venetian Snares, Chris Huelsbeck...

I'm still here, standing on the shoulder of these giants... It's funny to think that I probably started tracking shit and going to the scene, by the time Lioz (Bergersen) stop tracking, left the scene, and went to uni for orchestration.

The point of this post is that we all started from somewhere. Never give up.



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you might aswel explain xm and module files then

XM is Fasttracker 2 format of module file. Fasttracker 2 is tracker software. A module file is a self-contained playable file that includes music data, samples and effect. The four most common module files are MOD (Protracker), XM (Fasttracker 2), S3M [Schismtracker] and IT (Impulse Tracker). Tracker doesn't age well with time, despise its revolutionary technology. When the world was still struggle making 808 synth, trackers were already being used to produce modern high quality track such as this shit http://malekith.free.fr/ and this http://artscene.textfiles.com/music/mods/IT/MODLAND/Warder/

These are my works http://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_by_moduleid&query=173203

I actually have more but forgot to upload to there.

Anyway, you already have noticed already, those who were from the demoscene, often produce distinguish and unique stuff, regardless of genres. There's a simple explanation for this. Tracker force its user to think outside the box, often its user worked in very limited environment, and required you to have at least some knowledge on programming because FX and other value are all in hexadecimal. You never actually see visual of your music, everything is in code. Not to mention, you have to create your own samples, so everything is DIY down to its core.

Fun fact, Thomas Bergersen only got into sampling, PRECISELY BECAUSE his history of creating custom samples for his module projects. It was him that changed how EWQL produced their software.

So restriction breeds creativity, and from there you have endless possibility.