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Posted by I0TA - December 29th, 2018

Welp, this pic was old, but I smoked it. The other thing is chocolate edible with super high THC (300mg), fucked me up majorly. This country is weed heaven.



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300 MG!? The highest I can get from a dispensary here is 100 MG. If I go to Oregon, its 50mg.

You can carry up to 30 grams (1 ounce) with you anywhere public in Canada, in Ontario (my province) there is no limit for how many weed you can store at home. Though, you can only grow up to 4 plants at home. So technically if you stash your home full of weed, nobody really mind.

There are some shitty problems with this place, however Canada is the only place that you can order weed and gun right to your doorstep, both arrive at the same time (lol my OCS weed arrived right when my batch of AR PMAG came), it's pretty awesome.

In Ontario we don't have dispensary for now until April 2019, (thanks Dougie) but there is one grey market dispensary in downtown Toronto still open, CAFE. It's packed most of the time so I could only order online. The batch of weed I ordered is not from OCS, because there is no edibles in ON yet. The fucking OCS website only have shitty strains, expensive and the Sativa always out of stock. Also I hate their wasteful packing method. Thankfully Canada provides alternative for everything. This batch from the pic was all the way from West Coast of the country. Technically legal, but at the same time it's loop hole-ish because nobody in ON really know that you don't have to exactly order from OCS, and there are other stores from like different provinces. But the government don't tell ya that. ;)

Edit. Also Trudeau made a good move pardoning up to 500K of weed offender when the legalization happens, which is fucking classy because I honestly didn't have high hope for that guy doing something ok. I mean, I'm a diehard anarchist, but I'm glad for once the government at least had some redemption pardoning innocents people.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year to you ZebraHumor :)

@ZebraHumor @I0TA We have legal dispensaries here. The one closest to me shut down because the county wouldn't renew their business license even though they did everything right. It is kind of a blessing though, because there I would spend $18 on a half gram cartridge and the one I went to today, I bought my cartridges for $13 dollars each because they were on sale. And it is right by Taco Bell. Gotta love when you can get weed and burritos in the same trip

Holy shit, $18 for only half a gram? :O and here I thought our weed were expensive. I'll never complain about the price again. Government stores sell for $11 a gram for Sativa, $9 a gram for Indica. Grey market weed is up and down, good strains starting at $13, but I managed to get Pineapple Express (sativa, that batch of weed in the picture) for as cheap as $8.

I love burrito and weed. Though recently I went back to veganism, and been living on guacamole taco and burrito instead of meat based like before.

Most weed here are locally produced, though I have heard rumors that the true suppliers of weed in US and Canada were Mexico, which explains the mystery why Mexico legalizing weed so quick right after CA and Canada legalized.

I've heard Americans brag about how Colorado weed is cheaper than us, but I think that bullshit because we are the largest world producer and abundant in the market.

@ZebraHumor @I0TA No! It is way cheaper than that. I buy cartridges for my vape pen mostly.

Oh I see, yeah that's definitely cheaper for vape cartridges. I've been stopped smoking due to lung problem, and moved to edibles. I should get into vaping.