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Things Canadians can do but Most of the World cannot

Posted by I0TA - September 26th, 2018


Canada is the 2nd country in the world (after Uruguay) to legalize weed and on October 17 it's officially live! As of now the best place in Canada for loosest weed law would be Alberta (@AceMantra you lucky bastard!) and BC. However the only place you can smoke in public is Quebec, yet for some reason it bans home grown. Ontario (where I'm from) unfortunately only available on online OCS until April 2019 for retail store. Fucking Doug Fat Ford gonna privatize this shit. For now you can possess or carry up to 30 g of weed aka 1 oz. Private posession up to 150 g or 5 oz. You can grow up to 4 plants at home, except in Quebec.

B) BUY ANY GUN PARTS WITHOUT LICENSE (except lower receiver)

Says you are a crazy motherfucker who's too high on legal weed and went to Al Flaherty's (yes there's a gun store in Toronto) to purchase a Magpul AR mag for $20 CAD just to troll dumb yuppies at Starbucks. It will ship to your home after few days. That's the fucking stupid thing about Canadian gun laws. When they says your AR rifle is restricted, what they mean by it is only your AR lower IS restricted and the rest of the rifle IS NOT. Same for any other firearms. See, they said that only the "action" parts (with serial number, aka lower) needed license, no one will give a fuck if you spent $1K on a .50 BMG barrel for no apparent reason.

As a gun owner, I enjoy this freedom. I don't want no stupid hassle to type out my fucking PAL numbers everytime I want order something. God I hope dumb liberals don't ban this shit. Fucking criminals are trying hard to bypass this laws by milling or 3D printing their own lowers. Goddamn fuckers.


Says you want to off yourselves but with style, or just wanna wingsuit in the freeze, Go to Auyuittuq National Park, Nunavut and do that at Mount Thor.


Put a boat on the beach and wait for it to float in 6 hours. Then wait for it to stuck on the beach again. In 6 more hours.


If you've lived in Toronto longer than a year you know what I'm talking about. While generic tourists and newcomers love the CN tower because it sucks, or the overtly expensive St. Lawrence Market, there is one place that most Torontonian missed out. PATH.

PATH is the world's largest underground commercial complex with over 30 km long and over 50 buldings connected. It spans to the entire downtown (within the lower U of Line 1 and between St. George and Bloor stations of Line 2).

Says if you want to walk until your legs sore up. PATH is for you.

(Fun fact, when I was homeless PATH was the one of the few warming centres that were quite a paradise for a hobo like me. I mean it was the few ways that entertained my ass)



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Canada seems really awesome.

Visit when you have a chance. It's a worthy place to chill at. Fun fact, despise the price, touring in Canada actually cheaper than go to US. Also we are legalizing weed soon so yeah.

It's one of the few place that you can get close to the temp of Siberia in winter, and still hot as Caribbean weather in summer. But overall Canada is a very chill place. Some stuff not always true depending on where you go, like Canadians are nice or all poutine taste the same. For example if you go to Barrie or Cochrane people will welcome you like their family. But Sudbury or Hamilton it's terrible to be treated as a human being there. In Toronto and most of main cities across provinces (except Winnipeg) people are generally very nice. I've backpacked across the country many times before, and there are so many hidden gems about this place people don't ever know.

I've never really used the stuff except for a few occasions. Who knows, maybe that will change.