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What would you do if you witnessed a terror attack

Posted by I0TA - April 25th, 2018

I finally decided to give the statement to police after a day. The terror attack in Toronto happened on Monday afternoon, took the lives of total 10 people, 15 injured. The dipshit plowed through the sidewalk for almost 2 km from Finch to Sheppard on Yonge street, a busy gathering point for workers and tourists. To my surprise, he wasn't a Muslim but a Christian or atheist with Aspergers, Armenian, little incel piece of shit. The uncomfortable part is I knew this person from some past interaction that I will not relive that memory.

Around afternoon I walked out of a Korean market after getting some itinerary. I did not work at that morning and decided that was the day to chill. As I walked toward the subway, I heard noises from across the street, and I stopped. It happened so quick, a white rental Ryder van slammed onto the sidewalk and start to run over, fling, drag and even crushed people under its wheels. It was going at least 70 km/h something. There were blood, shoes, bodies and I think there was severed limbs. By instinct and training I shouted at nearby pedestrian on this side of the sidewalk, and immediately brought a family into the park/square nearby where the concrete obstacles would serve as a way to block the van. But the van continued toward South. Olive Square is now a memorial vigil for the attack, if you are in Toronto or nearby please come by.

The van plowed its way through second point, Mel Lastman Square where there was busy lunchtime office workers who did not have time to react to anything. He ran over a couple more before making another long blocks to completely halt at the Poyntz road next to a condominium in Sheppard where he was arrested.

It shouldn't surprise me as I supposed to be so used to this. But it still felt off in some way. It felt strange also knowing someone else, a coworker, who lost a family member in the attack. It hit too close to home. I supposed to be used to deaths but it's doesn't feel that way. But yes, stuff like these are expected to happen in any society, especially in a capitalist society that failed both the victims and the attacker, which drove him to do these despicable things. What matter is you have to deal with the aftershock.

There are things we cannot be unseen or unheard. We have to live with them for long time. In a cynical way, those who passed away from this event had better lives than those who remain behind. Rest in peace to the loss.

To my friends, stay safe out there. Take care.


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People got shot in my city a few days ago as well. It frightens me to think of how exponentially the rate of these is increasing recently.

Stay safe out there. :(

The guy should've been denied adult rights by the sounds of things. Considering the current population level, violence is on the decrease in most of Western civilization, but the trend's pointing upward again. Sorry you were there when this happened, and to all else concerned. Peace and love pay better dividends.

Thank you, stay safe and protect your friends and family. :(

Crikey, that was scary. Do they even know *why* this guy decided to plough everyone down?

No clear motive yet, but he posted a Facebook post about incel revolution against women right before the attack. Investigators were also saying most of his victims were women and they are looking to see if it was a hate crime.

@I0TA Thanks for letting me know. It must feel surreal though, to be acquainted not only with the attacker, but also with one of the victims (at least by proxy).

There are strange boundaries that have happened in the life I have to bear. I wondered if God arranged this life. I never accepted that my life is unique or difficult, in fact you have had it worse than any of us on here. Seeing so many deaths through out the years should have been letting me immune to pains. But it doesn't work that way. I get PTSD and nightmares very often from all these memories of tragedy piling up.

God determines our lives, and we comply to it. I wonder, if He ever allowed me to leave the pains behind yet. But I'm always glad the Lord granted me the life.

Stay strong and stay safe. I believe your music can bridge and heal the pains of lost souls like us.

sucks to hear that. These young males need to find better ways to cope.. Delusional, retarded, autistic. But I agree, capitalist society failed both the victims and the attacker

A retarded could not plan this shit from A to Z. People saw he circle the area many times in the previous days to observe. And nobody, not even his dad was aware that he can drive. What people were surprised that the rental company let him get the van without driver license.

I think you are full of shit actually

Whatever you said. I don't need an internet loser to share my experience.

you are full of shit

Really? Are you dumb or something?