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Troisnyx needs your help!!!

Posted by I0TA - December 10th, 2017

@Troisnyx is a long time contributor on NG Audio community and done many amazing things that helped to keep this community going! However she have had very bleak tragedies with abusive family and the system in her past, currently facing deportation because of the shitty immigration laws in UK.


Grant Annette the visa she is entitled to.

My fiancée, Annette, came to the UK in 2010.

She is originally from Malaysia, a country where she is legally a second class citizen as she is not a Malay Muslim. As a teenager she wrote articles criticising the authorities on websites that were later blocked. She was chosen for National Service during which she was sexually abused. Seeing the way things were going, her father sent her to study in the UK against her own will.

She has achieved a 2.1 Bachelor of Law from the University of Hertfordshire. She is also an extraordinarily talented musician, who has been played on BBC Radio. She is very active in the local community lending her skills as an artist and multi-instrumentalist.

I suffer from from functional neurological disorder, which causes me to shake badly, and gives me difficulties standing up and walking. Annette is my carer, and without her, I would struggle to live a normal life. I would not be able to accompany her, because I would not be able to meet the costs of healthcare in Malaysia, and would have no legal right to stay there regardless.

If Annette was forced to return to Malaysia she would not be truly free to practice her own Christian faith. A church she attended was bombed by fundamentalists while she was still in Malaysia. She would not be allowed to proselytise or speak openly about her faith, she would not be allowed to sing about it in public (because it gives her so much joy), and any slight action seen as undermining Islam as the official religion would have her fined and imprisoned.

While at the University of Hertfordshire, she heard from her father how hard things were getting. He was sacked for no reason other than not being a Malay Muslim, and left without any means of supporting himself. People of her ethnicity have been shot in the streets. Her lecturers (one of whom was from Malaysia) told her that "there is no rule of law in Malaysia," and that if she were to continue singing openly about her faith and writing subversive articles, she would face dire consequences.The lecturer from Malaysia who told Annette this asked not to be quoted or contacted, for fear of reprisals.