Deserved Extinction

2017-11-23 16:29:16 by I0TA

Burning In The Sun You Created

First The Forest Die Then You Dance

Earth Will Consume Your Children


Climate Change? No That's Just Capitalism!


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2017-11-24 11:09:19

Sometimes the fault does lie in the stars, but yea there's lots more self generated faults down here on terra firma.

I0TA responds:

Humans dig their own graves and bury other living things with them on this blue planet.


2017-11-25 14:32:08

A friend of the family wanted to be buried with my Mom's chocolate chip cookies. Standard Toll House recipe, only use Domino's 'Brownulated' brown sugar (no molasses added) and a touch of baking powder... they rise better, almost like cake.

I0TA responds:

Something I learn everyday. Thanks for sharing. :)