Music for reading, coding, gaming and exercising

2017-11-17 20:55:13 by I0TA

Aye, this is a self advertisement post.

But let's get serious. I usually write music for more than just the purpose of entertaining some strangers and friends. Usually they are for different purposes, whether it was something fresh to listen to when I smoke weed, high on DMT, biking, emotional drunken time, long hour of work, philosophically or politically tempted. But mostly work, and something to listen for not to be bored me out when I stuck on the Gardiner Expressway or 404 when commuting work-home for hours because some idiot got in accident for distracted driving. Yeah the music I made are mainly for me to ease my mind, and getting on with my life.

Here are the top 10 tracks I use to listen for working, driving, reading, coding, gaming and exercising:

Hack The Planet (Radical)


Faith in Freedom

Lucid Circle

Chasing The Light

Love Knows No Border

Moving On

Together We Walk Alone In The Night

Great Commune Of Planet Earth


Honorable mention: Vaeltaja (collab with @LucidShadowDreamer and @Etherealwinds). And Sunset Silicon Sector (Autonomous Anarchy Action)


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2017-11-18 05:57:36

Those are some great tracks indeed! I think it's good to listen to one's own music; my goal is often to make music I would like to listen to. Thanks for the mention ;)

I0TA responds:

You're welcome :3