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Amen. Mental health is the problem. Lack of respect for fellow man is the problem. Lack of love. Lack of morality. And worse, even we who are sickened by these acts of horror, we forget to pray for those who may be tempted to commit them. They need our prayers perhaps more than anyone. They're vulnerable too. Hatred and lack of regard for other humans shows up in people who haven't been shown love and respect for a majority of their lives. Even psychopaths and attempted murderers like David Wood, if you've heard his testimony, are capable of redemption and good. Hatred is never the answer.

Gun purchase screening is required in US at gun store but not gun show. As the matter of fact, a device like bump stock is available to somebody with mental illness is a bit too much.

I think the well regulated gun purchase would prevent more mass shooting from happening in US. As a gun owner, I do think strict background regulation is important. Unlike most believed, it's actually easy to purchase a gun in Canada, very easy to get a license, yet we have very few mass shooting. The only recent mass shootings: Quebec mosque, Mocton and Parliament Hill were all used non-restricted rifles, proven that gun control is pointless. Believe or not, any person with a PAL can walk into gun store and purchase .50 BMG bolt action rifle, go to the range and unload dozens of round to the target and nobody would bat an eye. The problem lies in regulation and screening not the gun themselves.

We are not better than US beside healthcare, but our gun regulation is actually much better. Believe or not, even if you have past history of mental illness, as long as court and CFO clear that you are free, you can purchase a firearm easily. The problem is also at the healthcare and education. These things are the foremost important factors why we have so few shooting. They are singer-payer and provided immediately to anybody who needed help. They don't also teach you how you use a firearm, they also teach you HOW TO BE RESPONSIBLE with it. And it's enforced and foremost requirement for every citizen who use firearm. Simple is that, regulation and education.

The problem is in people. Forbid the arms and they'll cut others with knives or crush with car. Eternal peace to the victims. health to the injured and strengh to their relatives

More people killed a year in US by vehicles than entire gun related incidents in the country's history.

we truly truly need better mental health care. Mental health is neglected and it seems like all they want to do is push pills. I know theres only so much that can be done but its not enough.

Man, you guys deserve much better healthcare. I actually made a big bet with some vet friends that if US have single-payer healthcare right now there won't be any mass shooting, crime or suicide by guns happen in a very long time.

Amen, brother. If we taught people responsibility and not bs, things would go a lot better.

Although I have to say, most people I've talked to from Canada are a little more relaxed than us Americans in general, a little more regard for human life up there. Clearly, the answer is cultivating responsibility, empathy, and morality in our society.

I'm also noticing, it seems the farther communities stray from traditional Christian values of tolerance, truth, respect, long-suffering, good cheer, and altruism, the more violent crime and animosity seems to abound. Churches in New Orleans my dad visited were forced into posting armed guards at the doors with automatic weapons to deter those who would otherwise roll up and shoot up, and rob those in attendance. Nawlins ofc has always been a hot bed for voodoo and santeria, and general badness.

Where I live, serial killing and mass murder are practically unheard of, although the town itself is mostly secular outside the many, many churches. There's actually one half-mile road with multiple churches within earshot, aptly named. Most of us are the type of people that grin and wave at passers-by, talk about Jesus in line at the clinic, apologize for brushing past people, say thank you and excuse me and address people as sir/ma'am, and try to spread love and cheer wherever we go. At least, the good side of town and the rural areas, and the bad areas are just filled with drugs and people trying to survive.

There's still drugs and crime, but most of the crime is drug related and most of the drugs are poverty and lack-of-education related. Most of us do own guns, some of us and excessive amount of them. Somehow we haven't had any Sandy Hooks or Vegas', and thank goodness. We have concerts all over the city every week just about at the local gigs.

A majority of gun-related deaths are accidents, occasionally accidental suicide. Shootings are fairly rare outside the ghetto, although we used to have one or two people who owned automatic weapons that would have shootouts every other night, again, in the ghetto, drug related. That was cleaned up when an ex-Navy Seal came in and took care of business. Again, never any mass shootings, and it's a pretty cramped town.

What concerns me about this shooting is that the media is covering up the fact (last I checked) that this guy was an arms dealer according to his brother. That perfectly explains the tons of guns at the hotel. One practical senior citizen is not gonna be able to handle 20+ guns, aye?