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A big wall of text... Gotta find some time to read the full text. Anyway, I'm in doubts that it will be the deceasing ecology that will end the humanity, I'm sure people will succeed in this deed long before nature will.

Humans trying to control nature, and failed hard. No one is in control of anything, it's an illusion.

there is somewhat somber, yet enlightening and powerful feel to not only think, but see how the end is pulling itself closer every year. In politics, ecosystem and society in general. Just the irony of how humanity falls by flying too close to the sun.
Its foolish, yet that ignorance makes me feel... sad.
And as we are starting to burn our wings and fall, we get to experience the last moments. It feels pointless, yet powerful. We can think that the journey was pointless, as we would've fallen sooner or later. However thinking back at the journey and how close, yet far we were from our "goal", we can see how tiny and inconsequential our entire existence actually was. It truly makes me respect and feel the massive omnipotence of the reality we had honour to scrape the surface of.

Definitely not peaceful, but weirdly satisfying and fitting end for our race.

Beautifully worded. At least Icarus died while trying to get free with his daddy. We're dying because we're too selfish.

As a hardcore fan with weird mix of nihilism with survivalism, it's hard not to think about terror management theory, how everything we do is subjected to our fear of death. The irony is that of fear of dying is accelerating toward death. We dig our own graves while believing that this grave could shelter us. Funny how that works.

The question, and answer for this moment, and the next generation if there's still time, is what could we do to comfort whoever left and help each other instead of hurt or take from ourselves.

When we are all dying and there is no stopping it, why could we not die together? Why choose to die alone and selfishly? Make the pain less suffering for the next generation, so when we get wiped out, it's not a suffer anymore but merely a revelation of life and death.

We are going to be the next dinosaurs. Except the dino did not wipe themselves out.

I wonder what will the next intelligent species will think about us. And what could they learn from us.

Take care of yourselves, friend. Take care of your family and loved ones. Make the suffering less painful.