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Posted by I0TA - July 1st, 2017

and Europe.

every motherfucking year.

the masters meet together so they can discuss how to fuck you over.

bring it hell, European comrades.

when the pigs disperse, the street is our.

Let's give them the pain every of their G20. See you on the street.

Posted by I0TA - June 29th, 2017

What if I told you that 5 out of 10 popular media you watched, listened and read, would borrowed from the core ideologies of anarchism. And you cannot avoid or ignore it? Often we overlooked these perspectives of what the movies, shows, music or books about why the media spoke about what anarchy really is. Anarchism transcends age and time.

To ask yourselves, what is anarchism? The wikipedia doesn't tell you a lot beside the simple "without rulers". But the missing part of it is up to you to explore anarchism and the anarchy in your own self. I find it's almost too comical that those who's trying to misinterpret anarchy as some sort of hierarchic system of their own. Like how one could try to marry Taoism with fascism and misogynism belief. But they are misguided by the society, like we all were. And there are plenty of room for education.

Which is why I made this post today.

Anarchism is stateless, classless and to abolish all forms of authorities and hierarchies, whether it's class, sex or race. However there are room for (informed) temporary and necessary hierarchy as Bakunin said it, such as a parent protect a child from danger. The bigger picture and core principal of anarchy is mutual aid which Peter Kropotkin laid the groundwork for critical understanding of anarchy. The ability to care for one and another regardless of culture, race, sex or background. The common interest and cooperation of survival between species to disprove "survival of the fittess" are not the represented fact of evolution. Mutual Aid by Peter Kropotkin is most important alternative fact and understanding of evolution that being missing out by capitalists, because it doesn not fit their narratives and exploitation.


The movie plot and story line is literally linear and straight. But that's not the points and purposes of the movie. Snowpiercer penetrates and puncture deep into the notion of harmonies, with the core principal of anarchism, socialism and communism as a whole. Class. The whole plot of Snowpiercer from beginning to the end is literally about class war. It's the truest representative of our society. First we need to understand what is class. There are two core classes, the working class, or Marx coined the term, proletariat, and ruling class, the bourgeois. But ever since neoliberalism separated these two classes, with the third pseudo class, middle class. Technically, middle class is still working class, however they are subjected to believe that they are above the poor. As George Carlin said it, "the middle class was invented to scare the fuck out of the working class."

Let's summarize the movie's purpose. The protagonist, Curtis led a revolution by caused Gilliam to take over the head of the train, Wilford. But later they only realized when reaching the front after bloodshed, that the revolution, and all other revolutions, were being perpertuated to maintain and manufacturing the consent of change. Noam Chomsky pointed out that limited conformity of change, is being created and manufactured all the time to subjected people into believing that they done something different.

But there are other two protagonists, Namgoong and Yona. And one of them who survived. Survived the bloodshed of the system. Throughout the movie, they constantly looked and think outside of the train. By the end of the movie, Namgoong blew the train door and derail it, kill everybody on the train but Yona and another survivor. Namgoong and Yona, are the anarchists. We don't want to take over the plantation, we want to burn it down and free everybody. As George Carlin said it, no revolution without bloodshed. So when you are too conforming for change, stop riding the fence and step over.

Mr. Robot

The show doesn't bother to hide its true purpose. Anti-capitalism. Anarchist group try to take down the system. Mr. Robot is the powerful head on that struck the idea of our society and why we fuck shit up. Mr. Robot shows the deepest fear, depression and anger of everybody struggling daily for food and shelter. It spoke to our lives and why we fight for what's necessary.

But there are another point that Mr. Robot showed that most people, even the closest fans of it, missed out completely. Mental illness being framed in the show as another core point, beside capitalism. But little known, that Mr. Robot tries to tell us that Elliot's disability is the main and most serious cause of capitalism. And the show pinpointed this problem right from the first episode. In Canada, it was reported that by 2020, mental illness will be worldwide's second largest source of disability. That we wanted to be sedated.

Mr. Robot connects every core issue with art and power. It's truely one of the greatest TV show in our time.

Which Side Are You On Remix by Rebel Diaz and Dead Prez

This music video is an art and it shows how powerful music and graphic can bring to people. It gets more addicting with every watch. What's more powerful is the lyrics of the track. It contains everything that anarchists fought against and still fighting for. Racism, sexism, classism, union, colonialism, war, commodity, police brutality... and capitalism.

One of the core problem that this music video pointed out, is people ride the fence. Stop doing that. Pick a side. If you want to stick with the ruling class, stay the fuck there. But if you want to help the working class, come over. Don't sit on the fucking fence and pretend that you play both sides. Either be a comrade, or class enemy/traitor.

The Handmaid's Tale

You cannot address anarchism without feminism. Against patriachy and misogynism is the core principal of anarchism/socialism. The Handmaid's Tale strikes deep into the the men's fragility of humanity. It's funny how misogynists always fear of feminism and women's rights, they never ask themselves, what's to fear if you really that care about women? The misogynists will stop at nothing to oppress women.

Triple oppression, classism, racism and sexism are inseperable. As Angela Davis said it.

Posted by I0TA - June 19th, 2017

mosquitos. BIG mosquitos. and the goddamn ticks. i went hiking and mountain biking the other day out of town and holy shit i get chased down by insects of all kinds.


Posted by I0TA - June 16th, 2017

100 people was killed in a massive fire at Grenfell Tower, Kensington, West London. Over 75 people was injured and hundreds are now being homeless. The victims of Grenfell fire were murdered by the system. The same system that promised them security, comfort and safe life. But it's not the case here. Grenfell victims were massacred by capitalism. And it gets worse because they were/are immigrants, refugees, expats, the poor and people of color. Not to place the race card, but I need to address it here, if they were whites, there won't be this tragedy.


The morbid and disgusting things here, thus murdered by capitalists:

Tenants raised concern about potential fire hazard in the building month before.

30 people were murdered because the flammable materials were cheaper, only by £5000.

Tories and Theresa May voted against safety reform because it's not profitable for their pockets.

May with her 'radical reform' to cut 10,000 firefighter jobs prior to the tragedy.

The only building without sprinklers.

Tories closed 3 fire stations near Grenfell prior to fire.


Childrens were screaming for help, trapped in the building and burned alive.

23 years old civil engineering student, survived the Syrian war, only ended up here and told his family back home "Fire's Here Now, Goodbye"

Residents ran to the top of the building and signalled for help hopelessly, but nobody came.

3 yeards old baby was thrown from 10th floor to escape fire. Baby survived, the parents did not.

May avoided to meet the survivors, while Corbyn embraced them.

A college student volunteered to help the victims from 2 in the morning to 8, then went to his exam and aced it.

Hans Zimmer donated his London concert money proceed to Grenfell victims.


Fascist scums harassing Muslim volunteers who helping victims of Grenfell.


Rest In Power, men, women and children of Grenfell.

Posted by I0TA - June 16th, 2017



Posted by I0TA - June 4th, 2017

anarchy. burn down the plantation.

Posted by I0TA - June 2nd, 2017

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Posted by I0TA - June 1st, 2017

narcho commie mutualism. how does that work? Proudhon and Kropotkin would shit bricks...

back to the video...

Posted by I0TA - May 31st, 2017

you and i, we belong to two different worlds, classes and backgrounds.

Posted by I0TA - May 30th, 2017

something to watch. and think about.