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I0TA's News

Posted by I0TA - October 24th, 2017

This is a huge news to those who's into modular DSP programming in audio production. VCV Rack is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

6170223_150887872141_screenshot.pngHave fun!

Posted by I0TA - October 22nd, 2017

Phonometrologist is a interesting person. Every word he spoke is thoughtful or deep. Dude is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. But his music is what gets me even more. Like, he improves hugely in every track he churned out. How the fuck A City Not Forsaken did not win in NGADM is something still quizzed me til this day. And Willow Wasteland: Fantasia is basically something out of this world. Triumphal Entry and Mayya Malyshka are the stuff you only hear by top producer in film score.

Yeah, check out his stuff. They are stuff will change your view on music.

Posted by I0TA - October 19th, 2017


@EtherealWinds Harp by Versilian Studio is free on Community Edition. Grab it now. :)

Also, Best Service Engine Artists Library with nearly 2 GB of samples! Completely free for all!.

Finally, Sonixinema Resonate

Posted by I0TA - October 18th, 2017

I'm gonna take a break from producing electronic music. Maybe for 2 months or so. I want to focus on orchestra, cinematic, classical and even jazz. Those are the fields I'm lacking. Stuff I upload here gonna take much longer time to make, but they are going to be better quality and not being milled out like in a day.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I also just registered for Beginner Music Theory and Beginner Piano classes for adult. Yay the douche bag who was anti-theory, finally take his time learning it. So much for the tolerant douche!

Another thing, I want to expand my portfolio. Maybe I'll reconsider AudioJungle. Also tone down my shit posting. Meanwhile, I'll redirect my trolling effort to VI-Control, it's more fun busting the pros there than the boring younglings here.

Last, I'm going to make more fractal... I've been planning to release all my fractal flames, after that drive corrupt shit happened two months ago messed my backup, I kinda lost all the old ones. But I'll salvage as much I could find. So, the stuff I'm planning to open source: fractal flames, an unfinished Kontakt engine, midi, FLP files, SFX samples and about 10 GB of convolution Impulse Responses used in "Earth Will Consume Your Children". All of them will be available on torrent.

Stay tuned.

Posted by I0TA - October 16th, 2017

The music is eargasm. Jazz... man...

Posted by I0TA - October 14th, 2017

The music man... it's so fucky. Hans Zimmer nailed it again!

How about some hacker music instead?


Posted by I0TA - October 3rd, 2017

This was my first time in years I'm going to pray for the victims of Vegas. I also donated to various support funds and relieves from the victims. I encourage you to do the same since US healthcare is very pricey.

And, guns are not the problem, the people who use them to murder are.

Posted by I0TA - September 18th, 2017

I would never dreamed that an animation inspired by the legendary El Eternauta would appeared on this community.

While the modern liberals cheers and cherish this work of art, little known from outside Argentina its darkest inspiration and metaphor to the comis itself. Capitalism. Its father, Héctor Oesterheld was a socialist guerilla fighter were kidnapped and murdered during the darkest era of South America, Dirty War, started by the bloody coup in Argentina funded by American liberals and capitalists. Most of HGO family including him were murdered during the resistance against fascism.

Every element and event in El Eternauta refers to the real life's metaphor. Capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, class warfare, socialism and nihilism. HGO concept of "group hero", was from socialism's value of mutual aid. The alien invasion was referred to Argentina's darkest coups in their history during the Dirty War. Another main theme of El Eternauta is class struggle. Class struggle or class warfare, is socialism's oldest principal on capitalism and society.

HGO left El Eternauta as a reminder for the darkness that haunted and took his life. But El Eternauta also serves as an important piece of socialism agitprop to educate people and unite them against one single thing: capitalism. The one thing that killing people, killing you and I silently.

Posted by I0TA - September 13th, 2017

DNS66, non-root blocking ads, malware and trackers via DNS. It does not need a proxy like AdAway and block any ads run in the phone system.

For iPhone, there is 1Blocker with similar features.

I hope these will make your life easier. Good day.

Posted by I0TA - August 28th, 2017

Not everybody can drop cash on big libraries with massive orchestra. We all start somewhere. Same for me.

I have used many of these instruments and softwares, that they are capable of first hand's cinematic experience for any beginning composers. If you need demos I can show you where they were used in my music.

I thought of creating this post ever since Ectisity won this year AIM. He proves that people can start out with literally nothing and still best at the game.


Ardour, Tracktion, MuseScore 

Renoise $75


VSCO Community


Blackattackbitch's Collection of SF2

Virtual Playing Orchestra


VS Upright

Kontakt Player Factory Selection

And this list

VirHarmonic Freebie Cello and Violin (UVI workstation [Free])

I would like to say for a solid orchestra library with fully equiped instruments of all kinds, including choir, that is ProjectSam Orchestra Essentials 2 $329. Or lightweight orchestra + choir, Sonuscore The Orchestra $375. Or Spitfire Masse, $349. Or minus the choir but with solo brass and winds, NI Symphony Essentials $399. Or EW Symphony Orchestra Silver for $199.

These are high quality and most economic orchestra library. I'd recommend one of the first two if you need full patteles of instruments. Symphony Essentials for the full sets. Masse for instant scoring. And EW SO for tight budget.



SampleTank CustomShop

Reaktor Player



UVI Workstation



Sonigen Modular


Tunefish 4


Ambius Prime $149

EDNA Earth $169

KVRaudio list

Hybrid Percussion

Cinematic Thunder Epic Orchestral Toms $97

Cybord $189

DM-307 $299

Altthough all of the libraries listed above are available in Kontakt Player, I'd recommend you to get full Kontakt version. It will allow you to use many free and high quality instruments.

Please leave your question below or just comment.

Have a good day.