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new albums coming up

2017-04-13 14:11:11 by I0TA

2 albums im working on. originally Indoctrination Industry was intended to be a full album, however im gonna have to reduce it to an EP. which comes to the next album, Steal This Music. STM will be a fully free album, Creative Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0. And no you don't need permission to use them! Will be released via MEGA and preview on Internet Archive. What's the content of STM? Everything I ever composed, from the begin of time to now, plus remastered and alternative versions. 20 more new tracks will be added.

What does this mean? From now on, all high quality music composed by me will be open to everyone. I will not, and refuse to make a single dollar from my music. Ground Zero was released with $7 bucks because their money go directly to YukinaOfficial, who's in need and in difficult time. But Ground Zero will be included in STM mega album.

I hope I can set model for musicians and artists to open their music. And to prove the point that free music with best quality of production, is possible. I'm not the first to do this, but I will be the first to go beyond the boundary of attribution. Nameless music doesn't mean it's bad.

Stay tuned!

Oh and Happy Easter!

edit. wanna save the 1 in a million chances top of the week.


Give a person warez

2017-04-12 20:49:40 by I0TA

and they gets virus on their computer. Teach a person to warez and they are free for the rest of their life.

To this day I don't believe not a single person I met on the Internet who doesn't pirate. Whether it was something small like image or music, to something huge, like music software or TV show. We are all in it, and you have nothing to fear about this.

The total shit I have pirated in my life probably enough for me to buy a decent detached house and a Lambo.

Or you can say, shit I st0le. Sue me, bae.

So here is the motivation video:



edit, no piracy without Razor1911 shit. long live the scene.

how about some ASSiGN and R2R. Japanese have the best warez groups,

Fairlight. Did you know brokep (Peter Sunde) was originated from the scene?

did you also know that one of Two Steps From Hell, also from the scene? wait, mindfucked.

that's all, folks.

I apologize for all the shitposts from me. :D time for serious stuff. I have been thinking about this idea for a while. What if I combine downtempo or ambient IDM with epic trailer genre? Faith in Freedom was a great success with similar attempt, but I really want to push it further. Massive orchestra with ambient beats. To be frank, I wasn't the first one to work with cinematic IDM style, as grand pioneers of this genre are Solar Fields, Tineidae and Max Million. Examples:

Stay tuned! :)


2017-04-08 22:27:02 by I0TA


they live.

about the https post yesterday, well i accidentally deleted it while editing and there was no roll back. so here is a new interesting tutorial that have more uses for average NGer than the last post!

The topic today is how to create Youtube playlists without any Youtube account. I was lurking on /r/privacy and somebody posted this.


click use list of videos, after you pasted your desirable youtube URLs and copy that link below

example of the playlist from videos linked in the picture above. (keep this link! the redirected temporary link will be deleted by youtube after awhile),Rq3eTPCeSrk,spCmStMOiHE,m3I3-KTJbtY,a9Fe7HGKkqg,

or encoded URL:



Ground Zero released!

2017-04-02 21:27:10 by I0TA

Ground Zero consists of 20 tracks + 2 bonuses. The difference between NG and released versions, is that the latter has been uncompressed and remastered to leave rooms for people to mix their sound in. That's correct! All tracks are released under Creative Common Attribution 3.0.

I do not profit from this album. All sales go toward YukinaOfficial's fund as she is in urgent need. Read LSD's page for more info.

Please support this album!

<a href="">Ground Zero by Snow Teddy</a>

Upcoming charity album is an ultra epic collection of trailer-quality tracks, all sales will go toward Red Cross and Médecins Sans Frontières, firmly divided between the two.

Stay tuned!

change comes with each step

2017-04-02 12:26:57 by I0TA

now that im back on track and not sleep in a car anymore, i have many things in my mind that i would like to mention. I realized changing the world start from myself. And changes come rather slow.

Fund for supporting NG musicians

I have been doing this in a while, donating money to those in need on NG. I donated most of my NG revenue/money prize to people who needed them, won from contests like Robot Day and Pico Day. But it never occured to me to set up some sort of fund for this cause, so I don't have to be lack of fund whenever I need them. Until now, because one of my friend got trouble in life and I must win AIM, 1st or 2nd place, to get that money and support her. Next stop is NGADM, I'm full on steamrolling.

I was also regretted that I did not save the commission from mod projects like ARMA Resist for such occassion. So now I'm going to set up a saving fund, every month I give an amount of money there, and when musicians who in need will get the support in time.

Volunteering at homeless shelters and food banks

I started to volunteer again at shelters. Preparing food or handing them out. Taking care of the homeless. 2 different shelters 3 days a week, in the afternoon to night. I'll also donate foods and necessities to shelter and food bank. I hope I could give people the chance to survive.

Krav Maga, Eskrima and BJJ

Also returned to take Krav Maga classes. Current grade is G5 and a decade of experience in KM. Will proceed to E grade if I spend time on it. I'll also take BJJ and Eskrima/FMA.

IWW meetings

I'm a red card's member, a Wobbly for nearly 5 years. I'll show up in the meetings of IWW more often.

Community self-defense

If this involve defending against racists and fascists, I'll involve. Just renewed my PAL and participate in leftist gun club. Both my siblings and me are licensed firearm owner, specifically for me and my sister are also included restricted gun licenses. I plan to start a local self-defense group in the community, welcoming all races, sexes and classes. If things go well I'll expand the chapter to other places.

on friday

2017-03-27 21:59:51 by I0TA

i finally got a place to live. been waiting for this shit in months. no longer staying in a car that is stink of piss and fish. it will happen this Friday when i move in this tiny flat. also small enough for a home studio so i can start working on a place for proper music writing.

i also got a new job. now I work for IBM as a senior sysadmin. job was accepted last week.

my health isn't getting better, but at least it doesn't affect me that critically. yet. but now im optimistic. like LSD said, maybe life will get better.

to all the people who are struggling. do not give up. we walk this night alone, but in truth we are never alone.

i'm dropping BOMB in A.I.M.

2017-03-19 11:38:43 by I0TA

in a few hours im going to show what im cooking today for the Art Inspired Contest, bro and sis!

kinda sad there isn't money prize involved cos i need it badly to donate for somebody i love (im broke myself).

i guess i'll have to release the album Ground Zero very soon.

GAME ON, good luck to other contestants!

i made a more detailed list weeks ago, but clicked the wrong button and... oh well, here is the condensed list.

unfortunately i cannot add kontakt instruments because they need full kontakt to use, except Factory Selection.

make yourselves proud of NG that we have 5+ users on here making free instruments. kudos to samulis, camoshark, etherealwinds, sonohanro, maestrorage (SoS), blackattackbitch.

please comment if you want to add more to here.


VS Upright

Miscellania 1

Miscellania 2

Etherealwinds Harp

VS Zither

Bigcat Instruments resource

Sorohanro's muted trumpet, vuvuzela, recorder, chimes, tambourine loops, free sampletank samples, choir sample pack, bamboo, trumpet loop.

DSK Saxophone, Overture, Virtuoso, ChoirZ, World StringZ, Indian DreamZ, Harmonica, Strings

the original SSO

blackattackbitch's collection

New Horizon Orchestra

SampleTank Free

Kontakt Factory Selection


(SFZ available) Piano in 162 


Ixox Flute

Merry Orks

War Tuba


Karoryfer x bigcat cello


bigfishaudio cinematic sample pack

philharmonia orchestra samples (in a single zip)

samplephonic cinematic perc samples

Noisecrux brass ensemble

Sustain Strings


free solo cello

patch arena collection

double bass pizzicato

D. Smolken's multi-sampled double bass

Musyng Kite