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I0TA's News

Posted by I0TA - June 24th, 2018

This is a short guide to non-conformity of music production and composition that many composers fell in the same trap.

This is also a diss page. So buckle up.

A - Hans Zimmer "chuga-chuga" and "brawww" won't get you new gigs

Wow you bought a new trailer library? Oh you bought Zebra 2 or Serum? That's a step up! Did you know that you cam make so many other genres and styles with these tools?

Don't try to run with the prison's wall, get over the wall so you can see the other side.

B - Invest your time and labour in sound design, nerd

Sound design isn't just about making boring synth or randomly knocking some "found" instruments. Sound design is everything you can get your hands on, so you can amplify its power. Also don't be a preset pushers. If you are a preset person, at least customize your presets so they don't sound like Mac Quayle ripped a loop from Cliff Martinez. Or vice versa. That's what happen when they use the same tool. At least filter and EQ your shit, nerds.

C - Orchestra doesn't mean free pass to unoriginal shit, no matter how profession your "masterpiece" was

Often I heard shit like this, and thought to myself wow, nice you finally got 8Dio shit Majestica, at least it's time to invest in something that sound less generic. Fuck that was loud, learn to mix better too, over-compressing your stupid track doesn't make it sound better.

D - If you ever happened to make "chuga-chuga" stuff, be a bit more unique

This is a typical chuga-chuga track. This is my chuga-chuga track. You don't need millions of samples or synths to make shit work.

That's it for now. Not quite a tutorial, not fully a diss.


Posted by I0TA - June 22nd, 2018

Before his success in Metal Gear Solid 5, Ludvig Forssell is unknown to the world. Now Forssell works for Hideo Kojima on multiple project, even become the audio director for Death Stranding. The guy didn't even have a website or Soundcloud.

This is an example of how a person who's new to composition could done something so marvelous.

Don't give excuse for yourselves to not make music. Give excuses to your life so you can make music anywhere and anytime!

Have fun!


Posted by I0TA - June 16th, 2018

This is a response to a message I received while back that I never answered. And a response to those who have similar questions. I'll keep it simple.

Tutorials, guides and manuals are determined instructions that dictate your creativity. To have the authority over your creations is the greatest crime of intellectual work ever. I am an open learner and a practicioner of open music. Open learning is as old as this human civilization. Open learning means you are your own master and the universe is your class. (Max Stirner got it right but I'm no spook)

In my history of creativity, I have not learned art and music through mindless instructions or manuals. But through experience, skill, experiment and exploration of sounds as much as possible. I'm proud to say to those whose rejected that you cannot create music with noises, or cannot use sound design in classical. I have proven them wrong many times, and will continue to do so as long as I am still alive. I can go from one extreme end to another without difficulty. That is the power of open learning.

I do not believe in talents. Talents are for the privileged. The notion of talents meaning you have to rely on conditioned bullshit such as 'gifted' or 'prodigy'. There are no talents in the under-privileged people, but what they have is unrestricted creativity.

Do not give up on your own creativity. Do not dictate your mind based on the idea of 'unique' or 'special'. No one is special, yet we are all different.

Stay classless!


Posted by I0TA - June 8th, 2018

What's up lads and ladies?

I apologize that I could not respond to your heartfell reviews, PMs, comments and leave reviews in the goddamn AIM, :(. Works now occupied up my entire life. It's a pain in the butt, but hey, better than homless again! :/

It doesn't mean that I didn't read all your comments and messages!!! I READ THEM ALL :)

I dropped by 5-10 minutes every 3 days to check msg. But no time to reply tho :(

See ya all soon.


Posted by I0TA - May 2nd, 2018

In the past donations of money to individuals seem quite remote and difficult, because it only temporary helped them, and only helped single or few people. I don't have the infinite resource for everyone. The problem is that most of my donations toward people who I knew well (e.g. RealFaction, ForgottenDawn, LSD, Deshiel, Daydream Anatomy...) rather distributed equally toward other people. Also I made the mistake of nuking my old accounts without first sending those NG credits to people in need.

So I needed a much better way to help the community, equally and efficiently, instead of only helping few people. That doesn't mean I won't donate to individual anymore, as I already set up a bank fund for people in the community who need help. During the AIM and NGADM organizing, RealFaction needed treasurers for his project, so ninjamuffin and me stepped up. I always scouting for deals on Humble Bundle and realized that was a much cheaper way to fund the stuff. So I put up a small fund every month buying games and software that could help the community in the long run, instead of just money prizes. Indeed I do have money prize in place for AIM 2018.

This leads to my next project:

If you want somebody to fund your contest's prizes, music or art, you have a backer! :)

Contact me by PM or post them here!

On the other news, Happy May Day 2018!



Posted by I0TA - April 25th, 2018

I finally decided to give the statement to police after a day. The terror attack in Toronto happened on Monday afternoon, took the lives of total 10 people, 15 injured. The dipshit plowed through the sidewalk for almost 2 km from Finch to Sheppard on Yonge street, a busy gathering point for workers and tourists. To my surprise, he wasn't a Muslim but a Christian or atheist with Aspergers, Armenian, little incel piece of shit. The uncomfortable part is I knew this person from some past interaction that I will not relive that memory.

Around afternoon I walked out of a Korean market after getting some itinerary. I did not work at that morning and decided that was the day to chill. As I walked toward the subway, I heard noises from across the street, and I stopped. It happened so quick, a white rental Ryder van slammed onto the sidewalk and start to run over, fling, drag and even crushed people under its wheels. It was going at least 70 km/h something. There were blood, shoes, bodies and I think there was severed limbs. By instinct and training I shouted at nearby pedestrian on this side of the sidewalk, and immediately brought a family into the park/square nearby where the concrete obstacles would serve as a way to block the van. But the van continued toward South. Olive Square is now a memorial vigil for the attack, if you are in Toronto or nearby please come by.

The van plowed its way through second point, Mel Lastman Square where there was busy lunchtime office workers who did not have time to react to anything. He ran over a couple more before making another long blocks to completely halt at the Poyntz road next to a condominium in Sheppard where he was arrested.

It shouldn't surprise me as I supposed to be so used to this. But it still felt off in some way. It felt strange also knowing someone else, a coworker, who lost a family member in the attack. It hit too close to home. I supposed to be used to deaths but it's doesn't feel that way. But yes, stuff like these are expected to happen in any society, especially in a capitalist society that failed both the victims and the attacker, which drove him to do these despicable things. What matter is you have to deal with the aftershock.

There are things we cannot be unseen or unheard. We have to live with them for long time. In a cynical way, those who passed away from this event had better lives than those who remain behind. Rest in peace to the loss.

To my friends, stay safe out there. Take care.


Posted by I0TA - April 14th, 2018

Some update: Lately I haven't been able to upload anything or do any project. Life just have been very slow. I wasn't doing anything useful with music. In combination of writer's block and shitty life's problems, music seemed to be a luxurious interest at the moment. Stay tuned though, I'm thinking after I pass this storm I'm going to release an actual album, for real this time. I have ideas but doing them is difficult now. Again, stay tuned, and cheers.

Posted by I0TA - March 28th, 2018

This is not a shitpost but neither a serious post. It's merely to complain about the thing I have seen amazingly and heard disappointedly across many movie and game soundtrack. That's right. I'm a Sample Justice Warrior, here to shit on the famed and the lazy in the industry. From a self-deprecated POV.

There is a thing in among film composers, that you would dissect a movie based on its sounds instead of the story or visual. Ain't it a thing among y'all? Anyway, the other most well known thing among composers is that the most overtly overused sample libraries are Hybrid Tools (1,2,3), Damage and Project Alpha & Bravo. But there are another, and there is this new trend of composers using it over and over again until your ears bleed.

Heavyocity AEON.

That's right. If you close your eyes then listen to the soundtrack of Emmy award winning Mr. Robot and blockbuster The Foreigner sound exactly the same, and vice versa. Why is it? That's because Mac Quayle and Cliff Martinez used the fucking same presets with slightly different EQ (of fucking course) and different keys. No fucking talent required to use AEON. In the old days, years ago, I often jokingly told Lich that 90% of my "synth" came from AEON. Because you don't need much skill to use it. In fact it takes more skill for preset pusher Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 to use Massive.

Now when I moved to Serum and Zebra I found out how many of these presets were made in shit like Zebra and Serum. I deeply disappointed.

Then Gravity. Thank goodness Mac Quayle moved onto Gravity and NOVO so Mr. Robot doesn't sound like a preset dumpster, judging from the fact that his toolbox is only Heavyocity or 8Dio preset "synths". Martinez is the worst. His entire creativity is focused on loops of Damage, Master Sessions and AEON. Especially AEON. What the fuck yo.

There is also a thing among composers tried to justify that they don't have time to make synth. I mean like how the fuck don't you have time when you spent 10 hours on a fucking string mockup that could be done in half that time and still sound realistic.

I'm not complaining about the quality of Mr. Robot soundtrack. I love the show. I just feel like it was Ari Winter and Neil Goldberg (Heavyocity creators) that won Emmy and not Mac Quayle.

AEON ages well tho. It's still usefull when you make glitch shit if you know what you are doing.

Posted by I0TA - March 17th, 2018

In art, music, acting or literature, there are the scenes which consists of three walls. The Fourth Wall is the audience. To break the fourth wall is to directly communicate, relate and invite the audience into your art form. What is the Fifth Wall? It's the filter that you live by your creation. You become what you made. Often creating an art or music form only stop there when the artists themselves stepped outside their creativity zone. But to be the Fifth Wall is not just to talk or act, but to live, serve and teach people about your way of life.

I am to break the Fifth Wall, and leap into the Sixth Wall.

The Sixth Wall is when you don't have to live like you meant all the time, but still able to influence and educate people about your way of life, through your art form. The Sixth Wall is to communicate your way of life so that your audience can live that way and continue to influence the same to other people.

Making music, art, or literature should be a way of life, and not about money or fame. You guys taught me this on the last posts. You guys remind me that I have been doing these for the past of my life without realizing it until now, thank you for the kind words. I shall continue to create music for life until my dying day.

Take care.

Posted by I0TA - March 10th, 2018

Writer's block? Work? Procrastination?

I just don't know what direction I'm going to take with my music. I suddenly ran out of ideas, passions and interests for music. Yep, they bled dry. But one thing I didn't have the guts to admit, is that I'm left behind while all my friends and fans surpassed me. Many followers and friends of me were really good people, now they are awesome people. Good for them. But I can't help my feeling of super low self-esteem in addition to sadness, that I could never be like them. I feel like an old person trying to walk up the hill but keep falling back.

And... I hate the new emoticons, they are just hideous.

Anyway, I've been experimenting with different types of music, including anime-ish vocal manipulation, and nightcored my old tracks. They sucks in many ways. Why am I even trying at all?

I felt like a piece of shit complaining about my shitty stuff...

Maybe I should give up on music all at once. Maybe, it's never intended for me. I've been trying for 10+ years while my best friends went from zero to famous in 2-3 years.

Fuck it all.