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Posted by I0TA - July 25th, 2018



Posted by I0TA - July 24th, 2018


When antifa black metal band make fun of the basement dwelling losers, and the fat fash fucks are too dumb to understand it.

The Nazis understand everything except humour.

― Mary Berg




Posted by I0TA - July 19th, 2018

I lived under a rock for a week and didn't even know AIM had finished.

Sooo, guys, PM me the stuff and I'll sort you out.

Might be a bit slow in response cos I'm at work at the moment, but I'll make time.

:) Have fun!

Edit, shit I forgot to post the list. @Ninjamufffin99 list


Payday 2 (Claimed by @MintyFreshThoughts)
Rakuen (Claimed by @BlueOcean, 2nd place winner)
SOMA (Claimed by @BeauXuan)
Punch Club Deluze (Claimed by @8-bitheroes)
Invisible Inc. (Claimed by @DoctaBGL)
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
The Stanley Parable (Claimed by @Miyolophone, 1st place winner)
Rust (claimed by @DarkHorseOrchestra)
Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Shelter 2

@I0TA (me)

Mafia 3 and DLC (@SmokeAvery)
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (@CloakedSoup, 3rd place winner)
Dark Soul 3 and DLC (@TheOneAfromaster)
COD World At War
COD BlackOps (@DjCrystalux)
Dead by Daylight
FNAF Sister's Locations
Goat Simulator (@LucidShadowDreamer, 2nd place winner)
This War Of Mine & DLC
GTA 4 (@LEXRODENT), GTA 3, San Andreas, Vice City, Liberty City
Max Payne 1, 2, 3 and DLC
LA Noire and DLC (@5TanLey)
Cities In Motion 2
God Eater 2
Hacknet (@ActualElf)
(and some other insignificant shit)

software (all Windows unfortunately):

ACID Pro 7 (@Troisnyx)
ACID Music Studio 10
Sound Forge Audio Studio 10
Sound Forge Pro 11 (@Miyolophone, 1st place winner)
Music Maker EDM


Posted by I0TA - July 13th, 2018

Wait, you didn't make into NGADM? Or NGUAC? Not even AIM? It's not the end of the world. There is always more chances for you.

Where are you going to be hurry if you are not dying? Like I have leukemia, it ain't getting better, and I'm not even in a rush. Why are you so angsty toward fellow musicians?

People need to chill the fuck down. It's not the end of the world ya dummies. Let's sit down and have story time. There was dark days I didn't make it in any contest in a long time. And I didn't get pissed at the judges or people. I improve and improvise my shit. I make shit that no one thought about. And here I am, churning out best shit that people admire.

No one should be a sad, angry of jealous piece of shit. The whole point of finding the mistakes and fix the fuck out of it. To quote Elliot Alderson:

Most coders think debugging software is about fixing a mistake, but that’s bullshit. Debugging’s actually all about finding the bug, about understanding why the bug was there to begin with, about knowing that its existence was no accident. It came to you to deliver a message, like an unconscious bubble floating to the surface, popping with a revelation you’ve secretly known all along.

Also STOP THINKING about making music as a job, because you are gonna be a shithead who think of getting rich like useless Berklee frat fucks who think owning Pro Tools make their music better. Don't.

Write music for the sake of defining your life.

Don't be jealous of other, because if you do no one will give a shit about your angsty shit.

Instead, channel your energy into improving the things that matter.


Posted by I0TA - July 8th, 2018

The most powerful tool in your drawer is not your most expensive gear.

Nor your talents or gifted bullshit.

It's the power of your creativity.

All of us have it regardless of intelligent, age, sex, gender, race or class.

Utilize your power.


Posted by I0TA - June 24th, 2018

This is a short guide to non-conformity of music production and composition that many composers fell in the same trap.

This is also a diss page. So buckle up.

A - Hans Zimmer "chuga-chuga" and "brawww" won't get you new gigs

Wow you bought a new trailer library? Oh you bought Zebra 2 or Serum? That's a step up! Did you know that you cam make so many other genres and styles with these tools?

Don't try to run with the prison's wall, get over the wall so you can see the other side.

B - Invest your time and labour in sound design, nerd

Sound design isn't just about making boring synth or randomly knocking some "found" instruments. Sound design is everything you can get your hands on, so you can amplify its power. Also don't be a preset pushers. If you are a preset person, at least customize your presets so they don't sound like Mac Quayle ripped a loop from Cliff Martinez. Or vice versa. That's what happen when they use the same tool. At least filter and EQ your shit, nerds.

C - Orchestra doesn't mean free pass to unoriginal shit, no matter how profession your "masterpiece" was

Often I heard shit like this, and thought to myself wow, nice you finally got 8Dio shit Majestica, at least it's time to invest in something that sound less generic. Fuck that was loud, learn to mix better too, over-compressing your stupid track doesn't make it sound better.

D - If you ever happened to make "chuga-chuga" stuff, be a bit more unique

This is a typical chuga-chuga track. This is my chuga-chuga track. You don't need millions of samples or synths to make shit work.

That's it for now. Not quite a tutorial, not fully a diss.


Posted by I0TA - June 22nd, 2018

Before his success in Metal Gear Solid 5, Ludvig Forssell is unknown to the world. Now Forssell works for Hideo Kojima on multiple project, even become the audio director for Death Stranding. The guy didn't even have a website or Soundcloud.

This is an example of how a person who's new to composition could done something so marvelous.

Don't give excuse for yourselves to not make music. Give excuses to your life so you can make music anywhere and anytime!

Have fun!


Posted by I0TA - June 16th, 2018

This is a response to a message I received while back that I never answered. And a response to those who have similar questions. I'll keep it simple.

Tutorials, guides and manuals are determined instructions that dictate your creativity. To have the authority over your creations is the greatest crime of intellectual work ever. I am an open learner and a practicioner of open music. Open learning is as old as this human civilization. Open learning means you are your own master and the universe is your class. (Max Stirner got it right but I'm no spook)

In my history of creativity, I have not learned art and music through mindless instructions or manuals. But through experience, skill, experiment and exploration of sounds as much as possible. I'm proud to say to those whose rejected that you cannot create music with noises, or cannot use sound design in classical. I have proven them wrong many times, and will continue to do so as long as I am still alive. I can go from one extreme end to another without difficulty. That is the power of open learning.

I do not believe in talents. Talents are for the privileged. The notion of talents meaning you have to rely on conditioned bullshit such as 'gifted' or 'prodigy'. There are no talents in the under-privileged people, but what they have is unrestricted creativity.

Do not give up on your own creativity. Do not dictate your mind based on the idea of 'unique' or 'special'. No one is special, yet we are all different.

Stay classless!


Posted by I0TA - June 8th, 2018

What's up lads and ladies?

I apologize that I could not respond to your heartfell reviews, PMs, comments and leave reviews in the goddamn AIM, :(. Works now occupied up my entire life. It's a pain in the butt, but hey, better than homless again! :/

It doesn't mean that I didn't read all your comments and messages!!! I READ THEM ALL :)

I dropped by 5-10 minutes every 3 days to check msg. But no time to reply tho :(

See ya all soon.


Posted by I0TA - May 2nd, 2018

In the past donations of money to individuals seem quite remote and difficult, because it only temporary helped them, and only helped single or few people. I don't have the infinite resource for everyone. The problem is that most of my donations toward people who I knew well (e.g. RealFaction, ForgottenDawn, LSD, Deshiel, Daydream Anatomy...) rather distributed equally toward other people. Also I made the mistake of nuking my old accounts without first sending those NG credits to people in need.

So I needed a much better way to help the community, equally and efficiently, instead of only helping few people. That doesn't mean I won't donate to individual anymore, as I already set up a bank fund for people in the community who need help. During the AIM and NGADM organizing, RealFaction needed treasurers for his project, so ninjamuffin and me stepped up. I always scouting for deals on Humble Bundle and realized that was a much cheaper way to fund the stuff. So I put up a small fund every month buying games and software that could help the community in the long run, instead of just money prizes. Indeed I do have money prize in place for AIM 2018.

This leads to my next project:

If you want somebody to fund your contest's prizes, music or art, you have a backer! :)

Contact me by PM or post them here!

On the other news, Happy May Day 2018!