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I0TA's News

Posted by I0TA - December 25th, 2018

Why would I celebrate a holiday with a tree that was stolen from pagan Germanic tribe with a fake story that was stolen from Jewish culture which now deep throating upon us like it's part of our culture? Why would I celebrate something that rape our lands and our people for the last 500 years?

To celebrate is to be ignorant to ourselves.


Posted by I0TA - December 23rd, 2018

So I've been running along with 'the style' that y'all love for nearly a year, and I gotta admit, it gets a bit boring. Sadly I got too comfortable with the direction of the production. I'm going to try to steer myself away from it, and try something new. That was what I've been doing with tracks like Rave At The End, Boss Fight and We Die Twice. I want it to have the old chaotic arrangement, yet with much more colorful and melodic style. Wild World was so-so attempt, however I kept hopping back to the old path.

I've been working on a small "anthology" of change, each track signifying the breakthrough of my production and composition wise:

Wild World - melodic

Gilets Jaunes - mixing & mastering

Final Circle Of Humanity - sound design

Morphenomena - atmostpheric

Glass House - brightness

If you haven't checked out the first 3 tracks, please do so :)

Posted by I0TA - December 5th, 2018

Finally got together and repacking all the old and new music into a gigantic 10 GB zip archive. Uploading to Mega as we speak. Plus some unreleased stuff in there. Gonna be completely free and public domain as usual, no money or copyright bullshit, you can remix it or chop it into shit, and reupload it to NG as your, I don't give a shit. Have fun. Will update this post, or maybe make a new one as soon as it uploaded. Stay tuned.


Posted by I0TA - November 29th, 2018

Note: Kontakt instrument is included, picking non-Kontakt orchestra stuff is pretty slim. You can still use the 15 min demo or the "alternative way", if you know what I meant.


Samulis, Nimble and @Troisnyx 's creation. Probably the best free orchestra library in the wild. The only public domain and FLOSS library :(

Bonus: Etherealwinds Harp by @Etherealwinds

TWO - Mihai Sorohan Choir

Made by Sorohanro and MaestroRage

THREE - Palette Primary Colors

Pretty awesome Kontakt instrument for orchestra patches.


SIX - 8Dio Freebies

Err, non commercial, but nobody stopping you ;). Check out the Century Brass and Century String

SEVEN - Ensemblia

Little tool to mess around.

EIGHT - Embertone Ancient Voices, Imitate Strings LITE and Ivory Winds

NINE - Orchestral Rise Builder

TEN - @blackattackbitch SF2 collection

It wouldn't be a complete guide without mentioning BAB collection that helped countless people. His collection is the earliest orchestra stuff that many people, including me, relied on.

Have fun, y'all.


Posted by I0TA - November 11th, 2018

Disclaimer: Kontakt instruments included because you can still use it in demo mode for 15 min under Kontakt Player.

ONE - ANARCHY DRUMS by It Might Get Loud

This is by far the most well sampled drum kit I have ever used. Of course, you don't have to use it for skate and crush punk, but it's pretty versatile for all your rock, metal and hybrid production. It's amazing how many mic positions this little gem has.

TWO - THUNDER X3M Taiko Freebie by Strezov Sampling

Pretty great taiko samples for a free Kontakt instrument


Hybrid perc for free? Yikes!


Best for trap and hip-hop

FIVE - DRUM PRO by StudioLinked

This shit is amazing. Shame that I only discovered it recently.


Was my fav free kit. Still a good one.

SEVEN - SYNC 3 LE by Audiomodern

Construction kits for cinematic beats



Posted by I0TA - November 5th, 2018


Time to light up a joint. Good day to be a Canuck.


Posted by I0TA - November 4th, 2018

This is how you should rap.

Posted by I0TA - November 3rd, 2018

So 8Dio had a sales on Insolidus Choir while back and I grabbed it for $299 instead of getting full price ($599) because I was intrigued by how it sound. Tad disappointment. It's like the softer Lacrimosa with a little more versatile articulation set like Requiem. I wasn't happy with how the samples sound. Almost as if they repacked the same shit and slap it together for quick sales.

Technically I also made the wrong choice with Lacrimosa. It doesn't sound better than the stuff I already had. In fact none of the 8Dio choir libraries sound better than Strezov Wotan and Freyja. Liberis is ok and versatile, especially the version 3 update. But Strezov Sampling Arva still beats it.

The general choir stuff I got so far. I used to have a lot more craps but I managed to narrow down to the good stuff:

Cinesamples Voxos - Was my fav lib until Requiem came

8Dio Requiem Pro

8Dio Lacrimosa - my default choir lib

8Dio Insolidus Choir

8Dio Liberis

8Dio Studio Sopranos

8Dio Forgotten Voices Series and Studio Vocals

Strezov Sampling Tropar, Wotan, Frejya, Arva and Rhodope 2 - if I need something elegant

Best Service Mystica, Cantus, Altus, Shevannai, ERA II Vocal Codex - still the best

Heavyocity Vocalise 1 and 2 - overused by me

Impact Soundwork Vocalisa - was my budget go-to Slavic choir until Rhodope 2 came along

EWQL Symphonic Choir - barely touched this nowaday

I'm not gonna get anymore stuff for a long time...


Posted by I0TA - November 1st, 2018

A - How'd you welcome Steve Bannon?

Egg? Rotten tomatoes? Classic molotov? Or just good old brass knuckles on the face?

Fat Bannon gonna be in Toronto for a speech on Friday, which is tomorrow. There's gonna be massive rally. This is another WCAI chicken shit at Nathan Phillips Square, except this time I think they're gonna be there. I'm not sure my work schedules could allow me to welcome this chud so anyone who's out there to bash the fash, have fun. Punch them for me. I'll have a party with the bastard that knock Bannon out.

B - Back to Hybrid and Orchestra, Again

I got bored of the IDM stuff, thus I haven't been releasing stuff for a while. I'm still making music tho, in particularly hiphop type of cinematic. But I want to build something more solid. Especially back to the good old TSFH type of music.

But I want my TSFH trailer shit to have actual messages, as a weapon to empower and radicalize the working class, instead of all those bullshit fantasy, king and knight stuff that bored me out.

So yeah I am working on a massive album. A real album this time. TSFH style. But for the proles. It'll be completely free, as in freedom and free beer. If I'm the first cinematic to do these then let's be it.

Posted by I0TA - October 25th, 2018

This is somewhat my way to push tutorial, however I don't want to dictate how people should make music, and more of an explanation of how and why I make music certain ways.

A - I don't build stories, I build worlds

As must as we reject or water it down, as of today the recorded audio is still a linear experience. Stories are linear and predictable. So I would like my music to be non-linear by designing each song a unique experience, yet familiar. I employed various innovative techniques developed specifically for my production from structure, arrangement, sound design, to mixing and mastering. I will go in-depth in the stuff below.

I admit not many one-time listeners like my unorthodox production, however those who are long time followers of mine often enjoy analyzing the production, which is something that I always cherish and respect my fans for that.

Another thing is why I build worlds, I don't dictate my listener of how they are going to percept and interpret my tracks. My stuff might have my own personal messages, but they are often symbolic. I have read 10 reviews of the same track with slightly different interpretations of my song, and that's the freedom everyone should respect their listeners.

Late Stage Happytalism

B - Sonic Illusions and Psychological Effects

If you have been an avid fan of my music, you might have noticed that I often employ shepard tones into my production, specifically percussion programming. It's just one of my many signature exploration of sonic illusions on the path to create more and more interesting sounds.

Another example, I often use pseudo-linear and repetitive patterns to fool listener into believing the arrangement was always the same, however I slowly sneak in minor instruments that are barely noticeable, yet your ears automatically registered that it's there so you hook onto the pace. I also introduce very twist and unannounced transitions as if they are completely separated parts. Thus makes the sounds work ironically yet seemingly, only because your brain was told that it should be like this.


C - Diversity, not harmony

Often cinematic composers include different instruments to create balance and harmony. I do the opposite. I create diversity and aim to tip the balance. There are parts in some of my production with over 50 instruments going on in a single bar. Yet they all work seemingly well. Over years, I have learned that diversity always trumps law-abided theory-following production.

It's not chaos. Chaos is random. Diversity is full and welcoming.


D - Non-conformity

I never went to any school or training for music composition. I'd probably fail first grade music theory than a 5 years old kid taking conservatory music class. But precisely that weakness makes it my greatest strength. It enables me to explore, experiment and expand my sounds as much as possible. I don't know the names of any chord, progression, tone or scale, but I know how and why they work. I know how to utilize them, bending and twisting them the way I wanted. I often employ unique yet familar motifs in all my melodical works.

Mutual Aid

E - Symbolism & Educational

I did mentioned that I don't dictate what people interpret my music, that is true, however for personal preference I often include certain topics about what and why I made the track. Those topics are meant to be educational and thought provoking. Sadly NG comment system is limited and listeners don't have further chance to discuss the topics right at the track.

I value symbols of the instruments, arragements, sound designs and aspects that utilized in my works. Every sound in my work always stands for something I want to speak about. The ways they interact with each other often the indication of the symbols I would like to discuss about. In a way, every work of mine are a mini chemist laboratory with a dip of political science. Thus, why I build worlds and not stories.

Down The Memory Lane Where The Sun Never Set