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This was my first time in years I'm going to pray for the victims of Vegas. I also donated to various support funds and relieves from the victims. I encourage you to do the same since US healthcare is very pricey.

And, guns are not the problem, the people who use them to murder are.

Thank you, 100 fellow humans

2017-09-19 22:08:32 by I0TA

Reached 100 friends and I am very grateful for your support. You are amazing human beings, from all over the world. Thank you so much for everything you have done to me!

A little update on my situation. Albeit I'm still living in a car at the moment, out of desperation I recently applied for a new job, as a computer technician for Toronto General Hospital and did well in their interview. I'll be working with them tomorrow. Job is less demanding and higher pay. Government job. I'll soon be able to afford a small apartment.

I would like to thank you all for supporting me through these difficult time. Thank you again for your warm hearts!

Take care and have a great week!

I would never dreamed that an animation inspired by the legendary El Eternauta would appeared on this community.

While the modern liberals cheers and cherish this work of art, little known from outside Argentina its darkest inspiration and metaphor to the comis itself. Capitalism. Its father, Héctor Oesterheld was a socialist guerilla fighter were kidnapped and murdered during the darkest era of South America, Dirty War, started by the bloody coup in Argentina funded by American liberals and capitalists. Most of HGO family including him were murdered during the resistance against fascism.

Every element and event in El Eternauta refers to the real life's metaphor. Capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, class warfare, socialism and nihilism. HGO concept of "group hero", was from socialism's value of mutual aid. The alien invasion was referred to Argentina's darkest coups in their history during the Dirty War. Another main theme of El Eternauta is class struggle. Class struggle or class warfare, is socialism's oldest principal on capitalism and society.

HGO left El Eternauta as a reminder for the darkness that haunted and took his life. But El Eternauta also serves as an important piece of socialism agitprop to educate people and unite them against one single thing: capitalism. The one thing that killing people, killing you and I silently.

DNS66, non-root blocking ads, malware and trackers via DNS. It does not need a proxy like AdAway and block any ads run in the phone system.

For iPhone, there is 1Blocker with similar features.

I hope these will make your life easier. Good day.

Another dead end

2017-09-02 22:38:55 by I0TA

Sometime you say, shit happens. I say, fuck my life. Do I deserve this life? I really don't know.

As of last week, my own sister was arrested for fighting with her husband. She was charged with domestic assault and currently in jail. I spent the last few days trying to help her with lawyer. The fine was $20000. I put $10000 to help plus $5000 for lawyer. I thought shit was out of luck would end. Then I got into a car accident 2 weeks before, my leg was twisted and I woke up in hospital. I lost my job not long after that, they decided to fire me then. I was due to be fired months ago, after I fucked up some work. Now I'm working as a tech support for a community college.

My leg is still busted up and I have to wear protection so I won't twist my leg while walking. Veteran affair don't want nothing to do with my situation, though I'm still getting little payment. My old car is fucked in currently in the junkyard. I used all my saving to buy a used Ford C-Max model 2007, for $10000. That's all I can get atm. Car is pretty comfy.

I'll be sleeping in a car. Again. I won't be paying rent and will sell all my unnecessary stuff in a garage sales. I won't have anything left. My rent is already overdue for nearly a week, and I'm going to be evicted. I'm listing all my options atm, from homeless shelter to couch surfing on those allow me to.

I'll still try to produce music sometime. From my car obviously, and coffee shop or McD.

That's the end of me. Another dead end.

Not everybody can drop cash on big libraries with massive orchestra. We all start somewhere. Same for me.

I have used many of these instruments and softwares, that they are capable of first hand's cinematic experience for any beginning composers. If you need demos I can show you where they were used in my music.

I thought of creating this post ever since Ectisity won this year AIM. He proves that people can start out with literally nothing and still best at the game.


Ardour, Tracktion, MuseScore 

Renoise $75


VSCO Community


Blackattackbitch's Collection of SF2

Virtual Playing Orchestra


VS Upright

Kontakt Player Factory Selection

And this list

VirHarmonic Freebie Cello and Violin (UVI workstation [Free])

I would like to say for a solid orchestra library with fully equiped instruments of all kinds, including choir, that is ProjectSam Orchestra Essentials 2 $329. Or lightweight orchestra + choir, Sonuscore The Orchestra $375. Or Spitfire Masse, $349. Or minus the choir but with solo brass and winds, NI Symphony Essentials $399. Or EW Symphony Orchestra Silver for $199.

These are high quality and most economic orchestra library. I'd recommend one of the first two if you need full patteles of instruments. Symphony Essentials for the full sets. Masse for instant scoring. And EW SO for tight budget.



SampleTank CustomShop

Reaktor Player



UVI Workstation



Sonigen Modular


Tunefish 4


Ambius Prime $149

EDNA Earth $169

KVRaudio list

Hybrid Percussion

Cinematic Thunder Epic Orchestral Toms $97

Cybord $189

DM-307 $299

Altthough all of the libraries listed above are available in Kontakt Player, I'd recommend you to get full Kontakt version. It will allow you to use many free and high quality instruments.

Please leave your question below or just comment.

Have a good day.

well fuck

2017-08-25 21:18:13 by I0TA

I got nowhere to go. Soundcloud is shit. ReverbNation is shit. So is Myspace and Reddit. VI-Control is too pro for me.

After a month of looking at every option I had, Newgrounds suddenly feel better.

I hope you won't punch in my face for being a world's worst douche bag raged quit this place, then come back begging for it.

bet EDM (or whatever his name is now) had the last laugh...

I REALLY got nowhere to go. Sniff...

Break from NG

2017-07-20 12:28:12 by I0TA

I regret that through out years I had not built a fanbase outside of NG. Most of them are just anonymous posting here and there, probing for random experimental projects, including ARMA 3 Resist. And when I decided to leave here, it's maybe time to consider that I should stop depending on this community.

I used to consider NG to be my home. Where things and places are neccessary warm and welcoming. NG is where I first made my beginning stance on sharing music. It was a great platform for newbie musicians. But I'm not newbie anymore. I hate to consider myself as experienced composer, but look like time has outgrown my thought. I thought, I could be one of the few last veteran composers standing in this community and reaching out to help and comfort new musicians.

But then enters the community. It has always been a hit and miss with this community. Non-stop drama. Like if the shit was hilarious then I wouldn't say anything. Just endless childish drama, dragging from one to another. And like a friend of mine used to say: "A bunch of grown-asses acting like manchilds". This is what happened to this community. NGAP can never grow beyond the boring infighting, jealousy, envy, hatred and backward thinking, that these people all believed other more mature and experienced users are out to get their asses.

Everyone here, especially the mods and the current contest judges, both have their own little world and fantasy. Delusion into believing the world would revolve around them all the time. I was easy going with some of the people on here, the top brass, but I could never get close to them no matter how hard I tried. They have their own ego bubble and aura of self-importance that you might as well as avoid them. What I was thinking even tried to be friend with them.

Evidently how they shot down Peter Satera because he was giving advices. Yes all he did was giving criticism to the contest. What was the reply? Like if they were attacking the topics, then I wouldn't say shit. But they were attacking him, like ad hominem straight ahead. Interesting matter is this happened in the past, where Peter did exactly the same thing, giving complaint and advice in another NGADM and got shot down.

People don't feel for other. They at least should have some manner. But nah it's "power trumps experience". And that's what happening here. I'm gonna say all these shit before they come for my ass. People are leaving. And many of them are my friends. It's sad to see the state of things have to end here. Not just sad, but disappointing.

I'll start bulding fanbase on other platforms. Will definitely be way smaller than NG, but at least I know that I could stay away from these toxic drama. Now that I have much more experience than 10 years ago, it's definitely time to move on.

I'm thankful for all the help, advice, support and work come from amazing people like backwardecho, BlueOceans, Mattashi, larrynachos, TheOverGhoul, Ceevro, Ectisity, Chrono, Megabit (MithyxSounds), MysticsSkillz, JacobCadmus... Many thanks to Kelpalots for her awesome knowledge and experience. Big thanks to RealFaction, at least he stays true to his heart. And ForgottenDawn for being a guidance. And this five people that I respect and admire the most, that their talents and heart always deepest: LSD, Jordi, Phono, SoundChris and Peter.

I know I said I had beef with the mods and judges, but there is an exception, Troisnyx. I don't blame her. She's emotional like I am and I feel that she's not intended to be angry or hurtful to people. And Trois' pasts are full of suffering, I understand they affect her current feeling and way of action. I put myself in her shoes and she's a good person. And now she's helping to make the community a bit better. I appreciate that. I still have hope Troisnyx can be the rolling stone that break this bad wall of drama away from the community. But that's just my opinion.

I will not delete my stuff here, unless the mods 'accidentally' wipe them out. They are Public Domain Mark 1.0, meaning free for any uses, or copyleft. And you do not need any permission from me. For the collabs, ask LSD for permission cos he hold the license right.

Take care, and well being for all!

Disclaimer: This is a quarter-shitpost attempt, another quarter dose of depression and a half serious dose of hell.

Now that NGADM is not my problem anymore, NGUAC half-drowning result, and i have nothing to worry about, dangerous thoughts fire away.

Readers be warned.

Welcome to SnowTeddy's handy guide on How To Nearly Overdose Yourselves With Acceptible Subtances. You have a bad day? Your boss is disappointed at your slow ass and ineffective work? Do you ask yourself would you want a job motherfuckers? Do you wish for free days and nights so you can work on those boring bloops and bleeps (aka music) shit?

Are you a working class person?

Then this guide is for you.

I've done all of this shit. After my life turned to shit, I turned to drug and booze. As wasted my life was, I want to experiment with all kinds of shit that will definitely kill me in near future. You are welcome to join!

A - Cocaine Simulation Without Effort

risk: HIGH

Best to do this at midnight. Just be careful with this.

  1. Get a bottle of vodka, Absolut preferred.
  2. Get a can of Monster Assault for the half broke
  3. Pour both energy can and vodka into a mug, 50/50, stir them a bit.
  4. Put that mug of poison into the fridge for half an hour
  5. Take few sips at a time
  6. if you start showing effect, STOP TAKING THEM!
  7. if you do them all at once, your mom will find you dead, naked.
  8. Get high.

Disclaimer: there are 40% chance you will show OD effect from doing crack. There is clear 15% chance you will OD for real. And that's mean dead. 

  • Pro - high on coke without coke
  • Con - if your are OD Naloxone kit cannot save you

B - DMT With PTSD/Depression Meds

risk: LOW

Like most people after the war, Zoloft is prescribed to those trash ex-soldiers like me with PTSD and depression. anybody took it for years would hate Zoloft like shit. I hated taking it. But then I discovered its upper side, and have been stocking Zoloft for this purpose ever since.

  1. Start with 200mg of Zoloft.
  2. If no effect, wait 12 hours then increase to 400mg.
  3. Max 400mg.
  4. You will show sign of nausea on first try.
  5. If you see hallucination, both sight and sound, you are doing it right
  6. rest on a bed or a chair.
  7. shitty thing about Zoloft is it kicks in really slow. 
  8. Wait for the machine-elfs.
  9. Enjoy you fuckers!

Disclaimer: The chance of dying from Zoloft OD is very low, it was engineered to prevent idiots from ODing with it. But there's always some stupid chance with idiots made it through. Huge majority of the serious case of OD is you will puke everywhere. The light OD effect is similar to DMT and Adderall. Heavy one will show LSD effect. DO NOT TAKE ALCOHOL WITH IT AND READY A PUKE BUCKET IF YOU DID.

Pro: wouldn't die from OD, most of the time

Con: very slow effect

C - Weed For The Broke

risk: LOW

sometime I ran out of hash and needed some shit for my high trip. so i gotta improvise!

  1. Drink black coffee, big mug. maybe 2.
  2. about 5 shots of Scotch
  3. turn on this album of Hidden Orchestra on loud speaker
  4. sit back
  5. enjoy

Disclaimer: it's like high on coke except not that dangerous.

Pro: won't OD that bad

Con: you will have strangest insomnia

D - Fent without Easy Ride from Grim Reaper

Do you want to know what doing fentanyl feel like, especially when you nearly die but don't have the courage to die for it? i'm here for ya.

risk: HIGH

  1. Lock your door and window
  2. Xanax (legally prescribed in most states and provinces), take one bar
  3. mix Scotch with vodka, one full mug
  4. lay on the bed
  5. relax, fuck sticks!

Disclaimer: out of all above, this is the highest risk. If you woke up found yourself cuffed in a squad car, be warned, but not my problem!

Pro: hell of a trip

Con: You will not remember shit you did, including murder. during that time, you black out and on auto pilot


And go back to work fellow slaves!

Guide to My Music For Your Projects

2017-07-13 16:44:46 by I0TA

Although my music's NG license is limited to CC BY 3.0, because this is the most open license on NG. However the actual license of all my music, past, present and future should be Public Domain Mark 1.0, meaning absolutely no restriction on the use and redistribution. This license will stay unchanged even I will no longer be with you.

This work has been identified as being free of known restrictions under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights.

You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.


Urban Motion, Cold Current, Water Is Life, Cradle of the World, Middle Of The World, Tide Of Time, Edge Of Time


Shanty Town, Continuation Of Life, Spark Of Hope In The Sorrow, The Way Of Life, Song Of The Wind, Through Ice, Winter Breeze, Tower Of Despair


Traceur, Stormbreakers, One More Time (And Around), After Humanity, Ain't Animals, Fly Away


Society Of The Spectacle, Final FormChasing The Sun, Weapon Of Drum And Bass Destruction, Toronto Uprising, Requiem For Neon Light, Memory Malfunction, Verticalocation


Great Commune Of Planet EarthTwo Steps From Your GarageUrban Motion (remix), Lost In The Hustle And Found You


Love Knows No Border, Voice Of The Voiceless, Catalyst, Who If Not You - Now If Not When, Cage Of MemoriesConstant Of Contempt, Misdirection, Resillience, The Sysadmin's Tune, This Track Is A Spook, Prison Of Dream, Faith And Heaven, Faith In Freedom, Freefall, Drifting Along, Ground Zero, Children Of The Circuit


Turnkey Tyranny, Zombie Commodity, Manufacturing Consent, Control Is An Illusion


One Or Zero, Symphony Of Chaos


Next Life