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Posted by I0TA - May 28th, 2017

i thought i could put this back in my mind for a while, until i stumbled upon this amusingly entertaining thread on VI-Control. It's certainly daunting to see the professionals having flame wars about piracy. Thing to consider that vi-control is internet largest hangout base for instrument vendors and composers setting up shop for their products. From lame trolls on Off Topic to top pros like Thomas Bergersen lurk here. This is where the 8Dio drama started, and Hans Zimmer's troll tag-team fiasco ended. I'm surprised they took piracy to the heart and finally come to the woke realization that anti-piracy will never end their hatred problems.

if you are interested in the never-ending cat and mouse game between both side of piracy, this is an interesting thread to read and learn from.

Posted by I0TA - May 28th, 2017



bad mouse is coming for your toothbrushes. i'm coming for your pricey production tools.

Posted by I0TA - May 12th, 2017

From the GoFundMe page:

My name is Jacob, I am 21 years old, and what I am about to say is very personal. My girlfriend is in danger, from her own parents. They abuse her on a daily basis. They have hit her, insulted her, starved her, and have told her that her dreams are stupid and to give up. 

This has broken her down so much emotionally, and for months I been trying to find a job to give her a new and better home. We have been together for over a year now, and she is my world, so I want to show her there is still hope. I cannot mention her name because the last time she went public about it, her parents made her take the post down. 

I want her to live in a safe and loving home for a change, but I live in a small town where jobs are scarce, and need to move to Ohio to my friend's house so I can find a full-time job to help my girlfriend, as well as my disabled mother who has struggled with her health over the years. I love her so much. 

I want to help the people I love, but to do that I need a little help to get to the location I need to be to find a good job. Any donations would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

You can donate via GoFundMe or Paypal via Bandcamp. Even $1 dollar would help them and @RealFaction!

Example of tracks on the album:

Posted by I0TA - May 3rd, 2017

Humanity is.

Humanity does not immune from their own ugliness even with the absence of belief. One of the worst atrocities in human history was committed by non-religious people. And the genocides in Afghan, Syria, Yemen and Iraq are supported by hypocritical roaches like Dawkins and Harris.

I have come very far to learn that religion is not the problem. Being an anarchist meaning rejecting all forms of hierarchies and authority. But being spiritual is not a crime. I see the universe and specifically Earth, as a mutual harmony of life and death. And that's very spiritual.

And I'm always amazed by the diversity of belief influenced by cultures. Whether it was Islam, where you woke up in Kabul hearing the breathtaking morning chants. Buddhism, peace of mind in a temple with silence. Christianity, the angelic sight of huge wide church decorations. Hinduism with people bathed in spiritual on the Ganges. Judaism, where Jewish people commune in silence to the synagogue.

They are all beautiful. And that's humanity.

It's important we cherish the goods and understand the wrongs.

We should not be blinded by hatred.

Posted by I0TA - May 2nd, 2017

not mine, obvs.






















Posted by I0TA - April 21st, 2017

420 4ever

Posted by I0TA - April 18th, 2017

been experimenting with different ambient textures. mostly spend time making these strange and trippy texture that would be something mind bending for the listeners. realized i have made enough for a big track so i'll gonna stuff them in the project sometime tomorrow. you won't be disappointed.

also the name change is quite a play. i was desired for something like 'honorable liar', mactus mendax. but i then realize no liar is ever honorable, so by accident i found the feminent 'macta', meaning guilty. so, 'guilty liar', haha. a completely random name.

Posted by I0TA - April 17th, 2017






Posted by I0TA - April 16th, 2017


Posted by I0TA - April 13th, 2017

2 albums im working on. originally Indoctrination Industry was intended to be a full album, however im gonna have to reduce it to an EP. which comes to the next album, Steal This Music. STM will be a fully free album, Creative Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0. And no you don't need permission to use them! Will be released via MEGA and preview on Internet Archive. What's the content of STM? Everything I ever composed, from the begin of time to now, plus remastered and alternative versions. 20 more new tracks will be added.

What does this mean? From now on, all high quality music composed by me will be open to everyone. I will not, and refuse to make a single dollar from my music. Ground Zero was released with $7 bucks because their money go directly to YukinaOfficial, who's in need and in difficult time. But Ground Zero will be included in STM mega album.

I hope I can set model for musicians and artists to open their music. And to prove the point that free music with best quality of production, is possible. I'm not the first to do this, but I will be the first to go beyond the boundary of attribution. Nameless music doesn't mean it's bad.

Stay tuned!

Oh and Happy Easter!

edit. wanna save the 1 in a million chances top of the week.